Small Double Memory Foam Mattress So Cheap


Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

The most comfortable Mattress your ever going to have giving you an up lift in your life is what the memory foam mattress could do for you. It’s goal is to give you a healthier sleep contouring to your body like no other material. The pressure relieving properties of memory foam will act in a supportive manner while adding the comfort value. Really your getting the best of both worlds in one place and Better Bed Company are here to supply your dream mattress !

Advantages Of The Small Double Memory Foam Mattress  

Small Double Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

The Small Double Memory Foam Mattress can add it’s own advantages being a space saving item giving you room for more activities in the bedroom is just one. Your space should be important to you giving you a better feeling mentally could be something this size brings with it. This could mean another bed side table more space for your wardrobe or another item of bedroom furniture. The choice could be yours if nothing at all it gives you options in the future. 

Both memory foam and small double together could bring so many benefits you would be crazy not to at least look at the possibilities ! 

measurements Of A Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

With a small double mattress the measurements would be 120cm in width with a length of 190cm and then a depth that would come being in conjunction with the fillings placed in side. In general a memory foam for instance would be around 20cm with about 15cm of reflex foam or springs and then a layer of 5cm memory foam. The measurements would be suitable for anyone who is 6ft tall as they would want to have space to stretch out during sleep this would be important in order to get a healthy nights sleep. 

Cheap Memory Foam Small Double Mattress 

Cheap memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

The memory foam mattress industry is very competitive so you know your going to be in for a deal. The online retailers understand that there prices have to be low in order to meet the needs of the UK buyers and compete with the big boys in 2019 ! 

9 / 10 the memory foam mattress comes rolled up so this gives the delivery drivers more space in transit and there’s only one place that buck is going and that’s in your pocket ! Driving prices down was one of the first things roll up mattresses did to the industry back in the 90’s getting you the product you want faster and cheaper had to be a goal of the memory foam roll up mattress first designer. 

Another reason you may not have thought about is the cost you may save if you wanted to transport this style of mattress compared to others if you were in the process of moving home. The roll up could be transported in the boot of your car no problem. The same could be said with the moving companies own transport remember every measurement counts in a home move. 

Take a look at the Memory Foam Mattress Collection today with a selection unrivalled all for free delivery through out the UK