Is a small double a queen ?


We get asked whether a small double mattress has a name and queen often comes into the conversation. There’s lot’s of terms like California, Twin and full but these all originate from American sized beds. The same go’s for a queen where more king size and some times people get mistaken. The best way’s too look at this is through actual dimensions a none standard 4ft is the same as 120cm x 190cm this is length and width and depth can be any where between 12cm to 35cm for a thick model. 

It’s time to ditch that large 4ft6 bedstead and replace with a small double mattress too make more space in the bedroom. Start your search for the memory foam or grey fabric ottoman storage solution this is going to bring more room for wardrobes and chest of drawers to the bedroom. We’ve picked out some of our fav options for you to treat your self post-lockdown. 

Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

Your small double memory foam mattress options are wide with plenty of options available. Sit back in Costa Coffee or Star books and grab your latte and ipad and take this content in. You’ve got open coil and pocket springs queuing up too be the foundation both work well together. Add this too your wooden bed frame or draw base and your all good. 

Small Double Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Small Double Bed Frame  

This is going to give you space to burn with a small double bed frame working in your favour in terms of space your going to be the winner. Think about your sleeping rituals before you make any decision though a 4ft isn’t for everyone. Think about colours with a large white 2 + 4 chest of drawers or a light beige winged headboard your not going to darken the room. 

Artisan Bed Company Draw Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

Small Double Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress 

The small double cool blue memory foam mattress is essential especially in the summer heat. Adding these too a slatted bedstead or loft bedroom is a great idea keeping everything chilled. add a protector and some modern bedroom furniture to keep you fashionable and clean. 

Small Double Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Small Double Bunk Bed 

Your kids friends are back after lock down and you need more space for them a small double bunk bed could be just the answer. Your gaining a triple sleeper maybe look at either wooden or metal these are easily maintained and long lasting. Add a white desk with a chair or if it’s for a girls bedroom a dressing table could help them to keep there cosmetic and beauty products in order.

Small Double Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

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