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Small Double Ottoman Beds

Check out our best-selling Small Double Ottoman Beds in 2023


Are you searching for a new small double ottoman bed for your home?

Better Bed Company are here to help! We have a range of top-quality small double ottoman beds for you to choose from!

This latest Better Bed Company blog will explain everything you need to know about our best-selling small double ottoman beds in 2023.

Best Selling Small Double Ottoman Beds

GFW Side Lift Ottoman Bed

Are you looking for an extra bed with more storage options? Look no further than the GFW Side Lift ottoman bed!

This stylish faux leather ottoman is perfect for any bedroom and offers many benefits.

Its side-opening lift is extremely helpful in all kinds of situations, and the generous space inside can hold plenty of pillows, blankets, and other bedroom items that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.

It comes in various colours, including black, white and brown, to easily match your existing décor.

It’s also great for spare bedrooms as it serves as a bed and extra storage – all wrapped up in one convenient package.

And don’t worry about cleaning either; its finish is easy to maintain, ensuring that this ottoman bed will last you a long time.

What’s more, you can even get it on next day delivery if you need it fast!

Don’t miss out on the perfect solution for your extra bedroom needs. Get your GFW Side Lift Ottoman today and enjoy style, convenience, and quality all at once!

Better Finchen Off-White Linen Ottoman Bed

Introducing the Better Finchen Off-White Linen Ottoman Bed!

This ottoman bed is perfect for a unique and stylish addition to any bedroom. Not only will it give your home an elegant flair, but it also has ample storage space below.

You’ll be able to make room in other rooms of your household while having easy access to items stored in your bedroom.

Plus, thanks to the fillings and padding of its headboard, you can enjoy some much-needed relaxation time with added comfort.

This ottoman bed stands out from the average bed, with its wooden feet slightly elevating it from the floor. This gives another dimension to your bedroom’s aesthetic and feel.

It also comes with sprung slats on the foundation, providing quality mattress support that will last for years!

With these features included, this is truly something special for any adult looking for a luxurious yet practical addition to their home.

Bedmaster Grayson Ottoman Bed

Ready for the perfect, stylish, modern and practical bedroom solution? Look no further than the Bedmaster Grayson Ottoman Bed!

The perfect choice for any family home, this wooden ottoman bed will make a chic addition to any space it inhabits.

With its timelessly classic design, you’re guaranteed a statement piece that won’t look outdated any time soon.

The straightforward lines of this white ottoman bed are sleek and modern, while the curved headboard adds an elegant touch of charm – you can be sure to get it all with the Bedmaster Grayson!

Also, the ample storage options offer incredible possibilities: stock up with clothes, bedding, and so much more – and within easy reach!

And best of all, this clean-cut piece merges traditional shake detail with contemporary style – putting it comfortably at the cutting edge of what’s fashionable and desirable.

Structurally sound and incredibly sturdy as it stands on the floor, you can trust this buy.

If your family home calls out for something special, let the Bedmaster Grayson Ottoman Bed deliver class and practicality today!

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