Single Beds


Single Beds are usually for children or spare room but can also be used by adults if you and your partner wanted different comforts. With single beds we have options and choices to make. This could be a time to add a different style to our homes and bedrooms. 

Single bed Options 

We have types of single beds anything from a divan bed to an adjustable bed. Fabric single beds are very modern and this could add colours to our existing bedroom furniture. Single bed bases on there own when we just want a change or they need replacing. Single bed frames could add a certain style to a room with Oak and pine being popular. Then there is single guest beds these are great for space saving and can used when having friends or family to stay. We could go with a single storage ottoman if we needed lots of space for household items to be stored.

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Single Divan Beds

With a single divan bed this could be a way of adding draws. This would usually be two drawer option as this is a standard when draws are mentioned on a single divan bed. There is also a slide store this is usually added for children and would add more space as this gives you the ability to use the full under bed room. The fabrics used are of an abundance as well this could most match the mattresses used.

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Adjustable Single Beds  

When choosing a Adjustable bed mattress it’s important to think about your needs. if you have back issues then you want to make sure you have enough support and comfort at the same time. Adjustable bed mattresses are mainly longer than your average single mattress by 10cm. This will give you more room and suit those of us who are tall. 

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Adjustable beds bases usually come with a 5 part adjustment. This will help your pressure points. Your knees, lower back, back, shoulders and neck should be able to have an adjustment as these are the key points on our body. The motor should be splash proof. There should also be a connection on the end to stop the mattress from sliding off the edge when the bed is in movement. 

Fabric Single Beds 

Its very modern and stylish way to add your mark on your bedroom. With a whole range of fabrics out there you can add another dimension to your bedroom furniture with a fabric bed.

Single Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

They could have slats. sprung base or solid the choice is yours. Look around your room and home for some inspiration before you make a decision. 

Single Bed Bases

These usually come upholstered and with either castors or glides. When purchasing a bed base we may want to replace an existing one and keep the mattress. We could also just want to add a softness or firmness to the mattress. From sprung bases to sold top bases this is another reason we might want to replace. We might want to add some storage space to our bedroom this is an ideal opportunity to do so.

Single Storage ottoman Beds

The main reason for adding a single ottoman to your bedroom is in the name. This would give you the most storage on the market. They can come in most commonly either leather or fabric materials.

Single Fabric Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

They are constructed in a way that should make it easy to lift form the side or front of the bed. With or with out compartments there are different models available that cater to your needs. They should have a gas cylinder lift on them to make your life easy. 

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We have a large and ever growing range of single beds working with the best manufacturers and now coming out with our very own unique single beds. You can count on us to give you the best advice out there with over 3 decades of knowledge and experience. 

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