Is A Single Mattress With A Bed Right For You ?


Finding the correct mattress that’s right for you can be tricky. There are things to think about and we’ve come up with a plan to help you decide on what suits for your bed or ottoman. The only worry you should have this summer is how your garden looks while lay on your sunlounger. 

With being a UK firm and with everything that is going on you should shop online to get the best deal. This means confidently using websites who you can trust like Better Bed Company. 

Finding The Right Single Mattress and A Bed 

Weather your sat in the Garden on furlough or in the bedroom your benefits will be on fire. We have the style just for you see below what could entertain your tastes today. 

1 Pocket Sprung 

2 Memory Foam 

3 Reflex Foam 

4 Naturally Filled 

5 Firm Tension 


Pocket Sprung 

If you want support try a pocket sprung mattress. This will bring benefits to your health and life style. Try a combination with different materials. 

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Memory Foam 

Comfort is easy to come by when your body is aligned. This type of mattress is ideal for teenagers and adults. The contouring nature is one to look out for. 

Memory Foam Mattress

Reflex Foam 

If your shopping for a firm tension this could be just your street. It’s a lasting material and would be great edition to any children’s bedroom. Your search could be over with this one. 

Reflex Foam Mattress

Naturally Filled 

This could be the ideal partner to your wardrobe or bed side table. This means you buy would be environmentally friendly. Your levels of comfort could bring more to you life. 

Natural Mattress

Firm Tension 

Bad Back Pains ? bring the athlete out in you. This could be just the answer being rock solid could be the way forward. Your bed needs a partner and this could be the one. 

Firm Mattress

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