3 Double Beds For Going Back To University


If your going back to Uni and need a fresh start in terms of your double beds we have some ideas just for you. Odds are that if you’ve been stuck in the University Apartment doing you course work the bedroom furniture might need a bit of a lift. Where do you start a new small double memory foam mattress or that white wardrobe you’ve had your eye on ? as restrictions start to lift your mates are going to be round so why not start with a new double ottoman bed or that small 4ft6 TV bedstead that’s going to give the wow factor. 

University has too be a struggle with money but if you shop on our online store you can catch a real bargain in the sales especially. 

What Double Beds are going to work best in the Uni Flat ? 

Most student accommodation is small so you could go for an ottoman bed or at least have some storage draws. Try opting for light colours this is going to bring the illusion of space to the bedroom, like light purple or off white shades. Remember your going to be on the move a lot at Uni so the colours could come from Flowers and pictures you’ve just picked up from your local super market so a bright colour isn’t the be all or end all. Think about fabrics that are easy to maintain so when you spill that wine or your mates come round and you order that pizza from deliveroo spills won’t become an issue. This could be the time to invest in a leather bed or a dark beige bedstead. 

1 Double Fabric Beds 

Opt for a fashionable and modern double fabric bed as this could be used in future times too save money. You can add a cool blue memory foam mattress for comfort or a white dressing table don’t forget you want to get ready fast and this will save time in the morning. Throw in a 2 + 6 large chest of drawers and some comfy memory foam pillows to make you feel at home. 

Double Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

2 Double Wooden Bed Frame 

A contemporary double wooden bed frame could have all the makings of a quality buy. There’s lot’s of cheap options on the market and there’s space for storage on most underneath. Team this up with a small black rug and some two tone bedroom furniture this will bring suites in terms of colour schemes. 

Double Wooden Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

3 Double Metal Bed Frames 

With double metal bed frames being easy to style and maintain it’s got too be on the list for student pads. Whether you go for ivory or beech there going to be cool and fashionable. Add a double memory foam mattress topper and team this up with some multi storage Bedroom Furniture this is going to help with space. 

Ivory Metal Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Looking for more advice for your Uni Bedroom we got you ! Check back soon to Better Bed Company for lot’s of content on this particular situation.