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Single Bed Frames Creating The Best Bedroom


We would all love a stylish bedroom. Something that’s practical and colour coordinated and effortless to maintain. What sometimes ruins it is over crowded and not preparing correctly for the theme that best suits the size of the bedroom. No one want’s a cluttered setting in the room offering storage drawers and modern headboards can effect everything. The ideal single bed frame can consist of the correct fabric colour or wooden material that works well with furnishings in the bedroom. Asses everything this means the flooring, curtains and wall paper these should all compliment each other. 

Opt for accessories like ottomans and benches, this will take some planning but nothing came with out creativity. 

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If your stuck for space in the bedroom single bed frames with storage could be the best solution. There’s nothing worse than clothing all over the place and no order in the home. It means you can use the bedroom more effectively and fit in more bedroom furniture like bedside tables and chest of drawers. 


Consider materials before buying a single wooden bed frame would be practical and long lasting. You could paint this style in the future when you revamp the bedroom. Choose oak or pine these are hard wearing offerings perfect for kids rooms. 


A leather 3ft bed frame would be suitable for guest rooms the perfect choice for easy cleaning and tough advantages. Go cheap with faux but make sure the stitching is top quality. Provide white or grey colours for modern themes in the chosen bedroom. 


A 3ft bed base might be a better idea supply a mattress for best practice. Consider castors rather than legs this means cleaning is effortless. Opt for a fabric headboard for contemporary vibes in the room and add button effects for style. 

The height of the platform effects access. you could opt for a low profile design this may supply stylish effects and offer a more spacious setting. 


A 3ft bed frame is ideal for adult sleepers with a 90cm x 190cm sleeping surface. In particular a metal frame with a slatted platform base would offer support which is excellent for posture.

Opt for a sprung mattress to partner this sized bed as this will supply a more healthy surface. Choose with a topper and some bedding to complete for an inviting theme to the room in the evening 


Always consider the delivery this should be well planned. Measure access to the bedroom this means hall ways and door ways. opt for a cheap deal with a next day delivery product this keeps things moving for the brands and offers shoppers a fast and effective service. 

Our single bed frame range offers plenty of options for customers. Check out the Better Bed Company selection for cost effective and quality frames. 

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