Save space with Cabin Beds this Christmas


This Christmas, why not make the most of your space with one of our cabin beds?

They are versatile and functional, making them the perfect solution for any home.

Not only do they take up less floor space than a traditional bed, but they often come with built-in storage and provide a cosy hideaway for your child.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at cabin beds and how they can benefit your home this festive season.

What are Cabin Beds?

Cabin beds are essentially elevated beds that sit off the ground, with a small staircase or ladder for access.

They’re often referred to as high sleepers, mid-sleepers or loft beds, depending on how much clearance there is between the bed and the floor.

Cabin beds can be made with a variety of materials, such as wood or metal, and come in different sizes to fit any room.

They’re especially popular for children and teenagers who need a functional and comfortable sleeping space.

Space Saving

One of the biggest advantages is that it saves on space.

Traditional beds take up a lot of floor space, which can be a problem, especially in smaller rooms.

With a cabin bed, you can utilise space more efficiently by elevating the sleeping space and incorporating storage.

Many cabin beds come with built-in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, and even desks to provide storage solutions that are not only functional but also visually appealing.

Safe and Secure

Cabin beds are designed to be safe and secure, with the top bunk surrounded by a railing to prevent falls.

This makes them a good option for parents who are concerned about the safety of their children.

They are also designed to have a sturdy support system, making them sturdy and comfortable.

You can rest assured that your child is safe and secure while sleeping on a cabin bed.

Variety of Styles

Cabin beds come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional.

This means that you can choose a bed that suits your home’s decor or your child’s personality.

You can choose from different colours, materials, and finishes to suit your needs.

Why Choose Better Bed Company?

At Better Bed Company, we’re committed to providing high-quality beds that are safe, durable, and stylish.

All of our beds come with a 5-year warranty and are delivered directly to your door.

We offer a range of cabin beds with built-in storage, wardrobes, and desks, so you can find the perfect bed for your home.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our commitment to making our customers happy.

In conclusion, cabin beds are the perfect solution for anyone looking to save space and add functionality to their home.

They’re safe, stylish, and come in a variety of styles to suit any decor.

At Better Bed Company, we’re committed to providing the best beds on the market, so why not check out our range of products and see how we can help you save space this Christmas?