Pink Single Beds For A Stylish Guest Bedroom


It’s time to start thinking about next year and what better way than with a new pink single bed for your guest bedroom, this makes styling effortless, set the tone for the rest of the home. Add some new bedroom furniture and a 3ft mattress with memory foam and pocket springs for your visitors. Go for light colours in smaller spaces and add patterns for vibes. 

This type of colour is all over the Insta walls and facebook posts and with these days it’s not gender specific. A navy blue or grey might be a better option or add white bed side tables and oak wardrobes if your friends are mainly male. Go for fabric upholstery this is going to provide a warming and inviting effect. 

Whether your buying for kids or adults this colours charming and doesn’t over power the room. 

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How To Style Pink Beds For Your Guests 

If your rooms large then go for dark colours if you wish, we guarantee pink beds work with white dark grey bed side tables improve your social circles with this match. Check out your Pinterest channel if you don’t believe us. Add some oak wardrobes and black chest of drawers for a fresh look. 

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Pink Ottoman Beds Providing Storage  

Opt for pink ottoman beds this is going to provide more space for bedroom furniture sets. This could two tone side boards and cabinets that are blue try going for bold colours let your personality take the reins. 

Better Peterborough Pink Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Single Pink Beds For Small Guest Bedrooms 

Play it safe but create a stylish space with pink beds in a smaller bedroom. Add mirrors to the walls and light wall paper this is going to bring the illusion of space to the area. Team with painted white bedside tables with metal legs and place on wooden flooring. Add a single memory foam and pocket sprung mattress don’t forget the protector keeping things hygienic for your friends. 

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Questions And Answers On Pink Beds  

Can you buy pink beds with drawers?

Yes there plenty available in our online store. They come in different size options like double and king size, there great for small products like pillows and duvet covers. You can choose from different designs like large headboards and low foot end models. Check the base for different styles go for a slatted option if you want a medium tension for firm your better with solid. Check the drawers inside depth and whether they have dove tail joints at the side this will indicate quality. Also think about other furniture and whether you can access and pull the drawers out easily, you may have to rethink the bedrooms out lay. 

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What size mattress works well with pink beds?

Like with all sized beds you would want the mattress that’s the same size. If you buy a pink single bed then the best match would be a 3ft mattress. A super king size bed would be suited to a 6ft mattress. Remember to think about depth you don’t want to go to thick if you have a high foot end as this could intrude the top. It’s best to measure this. Always double check the measurement of the bed before making any purchase first. 

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Are pink bunk beds any good? 

If your searching for girls bunk beds then your best off with adding pink in some shape or form. This colour would be suitable for when friends stay the night ideal for guest bedrooms. You could always add blue if you have boys both colours won’t over power the bedroom. Go for white frames and pink covers or tents this could just add to the style and doesn’t have to be the main colour. 

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Pink beds would be the perfect choice for any spare bedroom. They provide lot’s of character and colour to the space this is going to help friends feel valued and bring a freshness to the room.