Pink Beds For The Girls Bedroom


In case you didn’t know Pink Beds for girls bedrooms are a must! Adding there personality on any space is a must for any female. We’ve come up with our best picks that are trending like ottoman storage solutions and fabric statement buys for trendy needs and wants. 

This year is coming to an end so it’s important to get our house in order ready for next. Check through your insta posts and facebook walls it’s not just us who love them designers and friends feel the same way. 

Calling all women now is the perfect time to make a fresh start with the 31st December just round the corner. Keep scrolling for some ideas and make a change today. 

Shop Pink Beds

Better Finchen Pink Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company  

Pink Ottoman Beds 

Forget the old get into the new with Pink ottoman beds you gain more than just a sleeping surface. Level up your room with a new memory foam mattress and grey bedside tables to complete the look! 

Better Nieve Pink Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Pink Drawer Beds for extra storage in the bedroom

If you ever needed an excuse for a girly bedroom a pink drawer bed is it! From your dresses to pillows you have the space. Add a new roll up mattress and a snug duvet to complete the sleeping surface. Team with a white wardrobe and a grey sideboard for even more storage. 

Artisan Bed Company Fabric 4 Side Draws Bed-Better Bed Company

Pink Single Beds 

With Christmas coming there’s no better time to invest in a new pink bed frame for the girls room. Treat your precious princess to a new bedroom furniture set and desk with drawers keeping there space organised.  

LPD Furniture Sorrento Pink Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Questions and Answers on Pink Beds

What is a pink bed? 

Pink beds come in all shapes and sizes for all types of scenarios. There an item of furniture that can be found in the bedroom add a new mattress and you have a sleeping surface. They come in a large range of materials like wood, upholstery fabric and metal this type of bed is perfect for girls bedrooms. You can also store accessories inside if you buy an ottoman or drawer bed. 

Can you buy pink bunk beds? 

There’s some great pink bunk beds on the market there ideal for girls bedrooms. The most important thing with bunk beds is safety so look for brands this brings trust. Always check review sites and social media channels this will give you an indication on whether the firm your looking at can meet your quality needs. 

I need a new pink bed for a spare bedroom would this be a good idea? 

We would always recommend thinking about who is going to use the room when thinking about colours. If your guests are mainly female this could be a good choice. If your guests are usually boys a new navy blue bed could be the best option. You could go neutral white if your not sure on gender you could add other furniture with different colours to add your stamp on the bedroom.  

Better Hope Pink Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company