Why you should buy a white bed in 2022!


A timeless staple in many bedrooms across the UK, there’s never been a better time to buy a white bed than in 2022!

Here at Better Bed Company, our partnerships with some of the biggest names in the bedding and furniture industry mean that we can offer our customers competitive prices. Many items even come with free delivery as standard!

In our latest blog, we’re discussing all things white beds and why 2022 is the year of the white bed, meaning you need one in your home as soon as possible!

Multi-purpose white beds

A white bed isn’t just a bed anymore. Customers want their beds to incorporate much more!

So from TV beds, Ottoman beds and Sofa beds, to name a few, we’ve got the multi-purpose white bed for you at Better Bed Company!

TV beds are perfect for customers who love nothing more than curling up together with their partners and watching a film, all from the comfort of a cosy bed.

Ottoman beds are purpose-built with storage in mind. Whether it’s for children toys, towels, bedding or more, ottoman beds allow you to store away those eyesore items without having to give them another moment’s thought.

Sofa beds are ideal for those of you who often host people over for dinners or other social occasions. A good sofa bed is not only comfy to sit on but also to sleep on!

Classic, Contemporary Style

A white bed has always been the cornerstone of classic, contemporary style when it comes to beds.

Whether pairing a mattress with a classic timber frame or something more tactile like a fabric base, there’s a white bed for every room.

We also offer elegant metal frames for customers looking for a sleek and sophisticated look and feel for the minimalists out there.

Sizes galore

Got several rooms that you think could suit a white bed? Our sizes range from single to super king-size with small double squeezed in too!

Every bedroom has its awkward nooks and crannies that just seem to make fitting a bed in nigh on impossible!

Not for Better Bed Company; we guarantee we’ve got a white bed to fit every space perfectly!

Our top picks

Now we sell a wide variety of white beds at Better Bed Company, but we couldn’t write a blog without picking some of our favourites from our site!

This Finchen Off White Linen Ottoman Bed makes for a unique and stylish addition to the bedroom. The wooden feet slightly elevate the bed from the floor, bringing another dimension to the overlook and feel to the bedroom.

This Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper Bed is the ultimate functional bedroom furniture for kids and teenagers. Pegasus features an incredibly practical pull-out wardrobe with an integral storage drawer, finished in timeless matt white with silver-grey accents. This really maximises the space available within its compact footprint.

This Time Living City Block White Metal Bed Frame will add a charming bedstead to the bedroom. The white colour is neutral and can match with other furniture easily. The low foot end allows light to flow through the bedroom and matches the headboard effectively.

This Julian Bowen Maisie Captains Bed brings a modern touch to the bedroom. The detail in the foot and headboard add character and charm to the cabin bed. With the shaker style, your kids’ bedroom will also have a hint of tradition.

Want to find out more about our selection of white beds? Contact Better Bed Company today by calling 0800 0467 616 or fill in our online customer enquiry form here!