What Rooms Would Stylish Fabric Beds Be Suitable For In Our Homes


With a ranges of fabric beds available today we are spoilt for choice and the options are endless. We want to add style to rooms in our homes and to do this we need to add furniture. We may want to add simple or sophisticated themes to certain rooms depending on who will be using that particular space. Better Bed Company know it’s important to add colours as this brings out style with grey being the in colour this year. 

Fabric Beds For Your Master Bedroom. 

The master bedroom is a place you would want to add styles you would be comfortable with on a day to day basis. These types of beds are ideal with main bedrooms and could be a center piece of the room. The headboard is an important place to start when looking. With anything from button to roll top these could both  add an elegant setting to the bedroom. 

Your colour could go against the rest and could add a distinctive character and charm. You might want to play things safe and work in conjunction with the furniture already present. 

Fabric Beds For Spare Bedrooms 

Your spare bedrooms is a place sometimes over looked but this may be an opportunity to welcome guests and friends like never before. With a nice padded fabric bed frame your social circle could take advantage when reading or watching television while they make the most of there sleep over. 

You would want to add some extra pillows and bedding to this room so some type of storage could be useful in the long term. You could look at a storage fabric ottoman or draws to cater to the extra space needed for clean bedding when called upon. 

Teenagers Bedrooms For Fabric Beds ?

Well with all the stylish teenagers out there today we should not take there bedroom likely. They want all the new gadgets and games so there beds should not be forgotten about. You should consider asking for there advice before making any purchase as they could have an input into the style of the fabric beds they make like. Don’t forget you could be the cool Mum or Dad in the situation. 

Are Fabric Beds The Right Choice For Children’s Bedrooms ? 

This might be a little bit early for them to appreciate in terms of being an ideal choice. But if they are going into high school or around that age it could well be a good idea. Fabric Beds should last for around 8 years and then you should be looking at replacing this item of furniture. 

Fabric Beds You Might Like

LP Roll Top Velvet Fabric Bed

LP Roll Top Velvet Fabric Bed

This stylish roll top bed may add that effect you have been looking for. I suppose this one would be suitable for certain types of bedrooms.

If your looking for comfort then the padded headboard could be ideal for those nights watching your latest Netflix movies or reading that book your enthralled in.

The button detail should not be over looked as this means there has been a well thought out design and craftsman have taking a great deal of care in bringing this fabric bed to your home.

The feet are sturdy and strong so you know it’s going to stand the test of time.

The silver velvet fabric could bring another dimension to your furniture and play a roll in making your house a home.

Harlequin Fabric Bed

Harlequin Fabric BedHarlequin Fabric Bed Open View

The Harlequin Fabric Bed has so many features with the colour being one. The gray fabric is the in colour at the moment like we mentioned before. The darker shade means any spillages or marks could be camouflaged even though it’s important to clean any stains as soon as possible for hygiene purposes as well as for looks.

The gas cylinder lift brings so many options with it. This could be a place for household items including bedding, towels or spare pillows. The space saving aspect of this fabric bed should not be overlooked. 

The stylish headboard has straight lines which gives these fabric beds a modern and contemporary feel. 

The foundations to a mattress are very important as this will give you more support. This base has a solid platform top that would complement any type of mattress you feel fit.