What Is The Best Ottoman Beds Size For Me : Better Bed Company UK Tips


What Is The Best Ottoman Beds Size For Me : Better Bed Company UK Tips

It’s no secret that getting the best ottoman bed size for you would be the best option long and short term. This could impact you and your family through the years getting this right could open doors. Don’t underestimate good value content on this matter experience and education is a key benefit. 

The best ottoman bed should fit your bedroom comfortably you shouldn’t be falling over trying to use it. It may seem daunting when you think about what you have to deal with while in the market keeping on top of your game will pay off. 

You will want to find the correct one that suits you and your family. This could be hard to work and there’s you thinking that a mattress was a difficult buy. With plenty of choices these day’s your spoilt for choice really.  

Better Bed Company Rose Ottoman Bed

What size does an Ottoman Bed Come in ?

With the size guide we already have on Better Bed Company for mattress sizes we thought we should write about ottoman beds. We knew it would be good to give you a table of measurements just to help. These are in feet inches and center meters keeping it easy peasy like we do at Better Bed Company 


 Size Measurement in cm Measurement in Feet and Inches
Single 90cm x 190cm 3ft x 6ft3in
Small Double 120cm x 190cm 4ft x 6ft3in
Double 135cm x 190cm  4ft6in x 6ft3in
King Size 150cm x 200cm 5ft x 6ft6in
Super King Size  180cm x 200cm  6ft x 6ft3in


You should also understand that with hand made products sometimes you have to give a tolerance in craftsmanship. This in the bed industry is about plus or minus 2cm or 0.8 inches. This can’t be helped as after all the materials used sometimes shrink or expand. With mattresses they can tend to settle nicely into the shape of an ottoman bed expanding after a few weeks of being slept on.  

How do you measure the bedroom for an ottoman bed ?

Now you’ve found that ottoman bed that you love it’s time to work out how to do the tricky part. Grab your tape measure and enter the bedroom. You have a few places to weigh up this could get complicated don’t worry we have you covered. You want to focus on a few main areas. You need to work out if this size is just for you if not your back to square one this is a place no one wants to be. 

You could always phone us or email at help@betterbedcompany if your struggling. Any way measure the the length width and don’t forget the height. This is best done with out any other furniture in the space. Make space in the room before you start the process. 

What size ottoman should i buy ?

It’s one of the hardest items of furniture to get right. The advantages to getting this right could change the game in  and out of the bedroom. If your into stretching out during sleep or like to relax during your time in bed you may want a big bed. 

The most common size is the King Size Ottoman Bed this gives plenty of space for you and your partner. You go up a level in length so if your tall like 6ft this should be the one to look at. 

The next one would be the Double Ottoman bed this could be a good little buy for you and your family. This does come with restriction in the length but if your small it won’t worry you too much. Depending on the style the foot board might be low so you can still chill out with your legs out stretched. 

We then go to the super King Size Ottoman Bed this is in high demand these day’s with our UK customers. We want it bigger and better than before you won’t find a it much bigger than this one. You will be in ore of your friends and family with this size. The kids will be knocking at your door on a Sunday Morning wanting to join you. 

The small double ottoman bed this size could be an amazing buy in the right house. Why not giving you a storage solution while adding style in a bedroom you  want to be able to use. Your asking your self why haven’t i purchased this before hey ! 

The little number that would work well in a children’s bedroom. Yes we are talking a single ottoman bed. This could also be beneficial in a spare bedroom. It’s cute and easy to deal with making good use of space in the home. This is a no brainer for families these day’s. 

What is a low storage ottoman and how does it compare to a high ?

With design your gains come in more way’s than one. It’s got smaller space for storage but could be effective in certain situations. The bedroom design might cause issues in finding items of furniture but there are way’s around this. For instance if you have low ceilings like an arch in a loft this might cause problems. 

Buying a low storage ottoman bed could become that go too place in the bedroom. Another way of getting around something like this would be a low design with a side open lift ottoman bed. These types are easy to come by when your on our UK website. 

The high models might be a way of adding more space to the home. This could give you options in other areas. Getting the design that suits your bedroom most should be behind your thinking.  The next thought should be about the rest of the home.  Remember to think about bed side tables and other furniture pieces if your contemplating a high storage ottoman bed. 

What style of Ottoman Bed is right for me ?

For sure one of those questions you should be asking your self. You want to add your stamp on the bedroom ad getting the right size, design and materials should be thought about. 

You know what you want when you want it and a new ottoman bed is no different. This buy should represent your personality your way of doing things for you and the family. 

The style of your ottoman bed is just as important as your mattress and any other decor piece in the home. With a steady increase of people ditching a standard bed these days and going for a multi purpose option in the form of an ottoman bed. Believe us when we say the change your making is something your never gonna regret through options in your home life. 

We want your bedroom to be beautiful and stylish but don’t forget about foundations. This is fir sure something to consider along the way. The slats and base play a key role in any sleeping surface, you should never think other wise. this gives your mattress longevity could give another tension and moister control. The base is definitely something to think about for life style and sleep. 

Double Ottoman Bed By Better Bed Company-Better Bed Company

Does my ottoman bed fit my bedroom ?

This could something to think about when it comes to other furniture in the room. You should also be thinking style and how your decor could be transformed with a new ottoman bed. The bedroom should user friendly you won’t want to struggle with every day activities for the sake of this buy. 

Your wardrobe space could be effected in different way’s with more space inside but thinking about useability should be a fore front of your mind. You could have the best 3 door all singing all dancing pine wardrobe but if you can’t open it then what’s the point. This comes in the detail of planning your bedroom. With your plans in place and the research you’ve done all comes to fruition. 

You shouldn’t forget about the the style this could make or break the buy. For instance if you bought a roll top ottoman bed this could cause complications at the front and back of the bed. With this type of design in most cases the top would protrude the circumference of the ottoman bed. Make sure the measurements are well thought through on this particular design. 

Your life style could be altered in a few ways in respect of the ottoman bed buy. The way you prepare your self in the morning or using this room at night could change due to a bad buy. The space in the bedroom should be of importance over crowding would give negativity vibes. This can all be helped with this sort of preparation. 

What can you do to change your bedroom ?

With solutions come problems being able to change can counteract certain situations. That old chest of draws might not be the best decor piece you’ve ever bought. That pine wardrobe just doesn’t fit in with the style of the bedroom any more. This could be a good way of passing down or recycling these furniture items. 

Your local charity would be pleased with a call giving back to the community should be of interest. This gives disabled people a worth while job as most of the local charities give them the opportunity of work through pick up’s of old furniture.

Another advantage to this way is that your decor will be used again this helps the environment. Doing your part will help the next generation long term.

This all comes with a change with so many possibilities you should never just skip your beds or decore any more. This would have a knock effect on how others and your children deal with this situation in the future.

Best Ottomans on Better Bed Company ?

Better Stellar Storm Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company Better Stellar Storm Ottoman Bed Open View-Better Bed Company

Better Stellar Storm Ottoman Bed

This grey ottoman bed would be a good fit for a number of situations. 

The sizes are 

Size Single 3ft 4ft Small Double Double 4ft6 King Size 5ft Super King Size 6ft
Length 209cm 209cm 209cm 219cm 219cm
Width 99.6cm 129.6cm 146.6cm 159.6cm 189.6cm
Headboard From Floor Height 111cm 111cm 111cm 111cm 111cm
Foot Board From Floor Height 34.5cm 34.5cm 34.5cm 34.5cm 34.5cm



  • You gain the most common sizes 
  • The headboard and footboard are both designed stright
  • there isn’t any over hang like you would get from a roll top
  • Front open lift always remember about the bedroom design as well

GFW Side Lift Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company GFW Side Lift Ottoman Bed Single Size-Better Bed Company

GFW Side Lift Ottoman Bed

This side lifting ottoman by GFW could be just the answer 

The sizes are 

Size Single 3ft Small Double 4ft Double 4ft6 King Size 5ft
Length 202cm 202cm 202cm 212cm
Width 99.5cm 106cm 151cm 167cm
Headboard Height 85cm 85cm 85cm 85cm
Footboard Height  31.5cm 33cm 33cm 33cm



  • Good because of low footboard and headboard
  • Side lift so great for lofts and tricky areas in the home
  • Designed low to the to floor so less bulky and gives the illusion of space

Final Thoughts !

Have fun while you prepare for your name buy. This is most important don’t stress and strain over small matters . Remember we are only human and we make mistakes. With Better Bed Company we have a 14 day’s money back no questions asked policy this is sure to help with size mistakes. Take your time on your size it’s not a race time should be taken to get this right. 

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Written By Lee Murray