How Do I Choose The Best Grey Ottoman Bed ?


How Do I Choose The Best Grey Ottoman Bed ?

When it comes to colours in the bedroom grey is probably one of the most common. This shade makes for certain style and effect the gains are there if you get it right. We get the taste and understand this could give you that modern bedroom you’ve been searching for. The grey ottoman bed bought well with advise could make a real statement. Putting your stamp on the home and bedroom can be a difficult task and one you want to get correct. You can think of this as your plan for the colour scheme in the bedroom. Ottoman beds are a passion of ours and were here to help guide you through to gain that bedroom you’ve always dreamed about. 

Set The Scene 

Double Grey Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

The setting is one of the most important parts of the home form the Garden to the bedroom. All rooms take dedication and time needs to be given in the preparation stages. Get your surroundings right and your half way there. 

It’s easy to make mistakes just buying colours you like. The shades have to make some sort of sense a plan for the type of outcome you want will give you thoughts. 

The scene can change from year to year things happen. Your children come along and wow it’s all different now. This would give you another challenge the bedroom becomes for you, your partner and the little ones. Landscapes change out thoughts and give us another perspective. 

Set Goals And Plans 

Setting plans and goals short and long term could help you with the budget. This is could open up opportunities you never even thought you had. Slowly progressing through the stages understanding it’s not long before you get what your owed. 

The scheme for the grey ottoman bed could start with a book case or even a pillow. Don’t forget it’s the beginning your taking the first steps to a better home. achieving the long term goal isn’t going to happen over night break it up in to small pieces. It’s far easier challenge when you do this style of scheme give you boosts at certain points on the road. This would give you pick me ups and that’s a gain in your life style. Makes sense right your far better off taking your time on a whole. 

Now the long term goal is that beautiful looking bedroom with the grey featured colour scheme. The whole purpose is the end result your understanding as you move through the process. When your crossing off the short terms you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

See Other Grey Schemes For Ottoman Beds On Social Channels 

Grey Ottoman Bed Open View-Better Bed Company

It may come as no surprise that these channels have the best fashion designers and home decor experts. This could be your go to place for interesting ideas and shots of celebrity homes. The essential guide to that wow home you’ve been craving is at your finger tips. 

These experts have there own specific channels they want you to subscribe to. Giving them readers and viewers lifts there value and they become more rich with content. 

Better Bed Company have come up with a few main players to look out for when it comes to style in the home.

The main players on instagram and pinterest

victoriahaganinteriors – This could be a start to a new social friendship giving you imagination

richardmeierpartners – Giving you a more modern approach but could give you that colour scheme idea. 

marmolradziner – Some interesting ideas from this channel another one to look out for 

Maryann Rizzo – with 2m hits per month take a peek at this profile

Joy Cho / Oh Joy! – she has your style needs covered 

Have A Plan For Each Item Of Furniture

If a structured theme isn’t for you then other colours could complement the over feel to the bedroom. Take note of all the items in the room and set your plan accordingly. The smallest details could represent a change in the over all out come.

YouTube could be the place to research this with lot’s of specific channels that cater to the needs of style and bedroom ideas.

Each piece should be thought through and some times the less is more approach may work well. Keeping a simplistic mind set could be with in your thinking this gives a clearer picture sometimes.

Update Your Bedroom

This could be the start of things to come. A fresh new lease of life the chances are your rearing to go and it could come with the smallest of items. That bed side table could be start of your sourcing experience being little but the first step. Those new curtains could represent a change in your style giving you an up lift that’s surly needed. 

This represents change for example if your pillow cases are of a pink shade then would this match a shade of grey ? look for neutral starting points something that when you spend your hard earned cash your gains will be of a longer duration.

Preparation For The New Grey Ottoman Bed

Ottoman Bed In Grey-Better Bed Company

We all know that setting out and the foundation is key to any job same go’s for a new furniture piece. 

Your go too place has to be the place of situation measuring were you need to. You mustn’t just guess and tell you self it will be alight. The same go’s for exercise you wouldn’t go for a long walk or run if you hadn’t had your pre meal this wouldn’t make sense. You would find it difficult half way around the circuit. 

Check at certain times during the day as to the lighting. Sometimes during sunlight hours appearances can change this could make the out come so much different. Also the lighting are you thinking of adding more lamps and extra wall light this should all be considered giving you more gains when it comes to the final setting. 

  • Check for day light hours 
  • Is anything going to change in circumstances before the big buy
  • Are you going to be adding other fixtures to the bedroom
  • Don’t forget your tape measure 
  • Ask questions
  • Ask friends and family 
  • what if something was to change have a plan B

Gain From Past Experiences 

sounds too good to be true !

In most cases people have been there done that but the thing is did you do it right ? Did you have to change at the last minuet ? could you have done anything better the time before ?

These are for sure questions you should be asking your self. Were have you seen this situation before at home ? when you were at University ? think back to that time find things that worked well. You will always remember that time when you said to your partner told you so 🙂 or worse when the tables were turned. Were you rushing about at the final seconds in the store trying to change the situation ?

Once you’ve been back and forth realising your past mistakes and what you did and didn’t do you so much more prepared. 

Watch What Friends And Family Are Doing

Take notice of others when your friends or family make suggestions take on board what they may have to offer. This could be key as they may have been in the same situation before. For example they may have bought an ottoman in particular grey colour before and ha a bad experience. This could have been in complementing of other shades of colours. You don’t have to take there advice just take it on board. 

You could also get ideas from there homes as well. While having a coffee with your friends you may come across a certain grey fabric that you just have to have. Ask the question where did you buy this from ? they may be reluctant at first but even if it’s just step in the right direction it can’t hurt. 

Decide On The Right Grey Ottoman For You 

You and family are the most important people in this situation and finding a suitable furniture item is paramount. Some times it’s beneficial to take time out and elevate. Get ideas from places like google a good place to start is Trust pilot and other review sites. This gives you a point of view from another side. 

Read through comment after comment it takes time to get a clear understanding. You may find people siding with one or another but it gives you plenty to think about. It’s all about experience gaining the most and after you’ve achieved your goal you can sit back and pat your self on the back. 

Get Your Self Ready For The Change  

This could be the start of a full home over haul so this could be just as important as the change. Start with your frame of mind getting this correct will help with the stress and strain of the buy. 

Your gaining that new ottoman bed for purpose it’s designed to help you in a number of ways. Sit back and relax soaking in why the purchase is needed and what it could bring to you and your family. 

Don’t be Afraid 

Don’t worry and stress bout what’s to come nothing in life is easy. Setting your self up in the right way gives you experiences in a positive way. You could learn from the mistakes you make along the way and take advantage next time. Nothing ventured nothing gained hey. 

Making this plan would set you well for your next home purchase. Most people buy a new bed or mattress every 8 to 10 years so it won’t be that long until you have to do it all again. 

Help Friends And Family 

With your grey ottoman buy you could for sure tell a few stories. Giving help and advice could give you a new lease of life. Being the expert after you’ve done all your research could make you good company. Take the highs and lows as knowledge and pass it on to next. 

There will for sure be someone else feeling the same way you do at this moment and you could be there go too. Making a list and setting out a check list that others need or want could be a social share. 

Summary To Refresh You 

Set the scene to your bedroom

Set Goals and plans to stick too 

Social Channels could be place for inspo 

Each furniture piece should be a focus of attention

Take action with what you have found from your bedroom furniture


Experiences in the past need to be learnt from

Watch what friends have done visually and vocally 

Decide for your self and family 

Prepare your self for the change that’s going to happen

Don’t be worried 

Give help to others when you can

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