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Springs finally here and were well on the way to revamping the bedroom, choose firms like Flintshire Furniture for you bed frames, trusted brands are hard to come by. After all buying bedroom décor online is far better than going shopping in the sunshine when you should be out in the pub gardens or chilling in the home. So buy your bedside tables, chest of drawers and pocket spring mattress on our website this season, don’t forget the bunks and high sleepers for the kids. 

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Keep scrolling for the best bed frames, guest trundle beds in oak, white and grey what ever suits your bedrooms style, there options are for modern houses only. 

Flintshire Furniture Grosvenor Oak Bed Frame 

Flintshire Furniture Grosvenor Oak Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Shop – Flintshire Furniture Grosvenor Oak Bed Frame

You can’t go wrong with the Flintshire Furniture Grosvenor Oak Bed Frame textures and tones at the ready. If you wanna lighten up a small bedroom choose shaker styled headboards. Team with a pocket spring mattress for supportive advantages and place bedside tables next to this bedstead for style values. Add a white rug means your bedrooms sophisticated and finish off with grey and black bedding for the complete look!

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Bed Frame

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Shop – Flintshire Furniture Pentre Bed Frame

opt for wood in the bedroom with the Flintshire Furniture Pentre Bed Frame modern livings a given. Choose over sized pillows and a memory foam mattress for a contouring sleeping surface. Give traditional vibes to the house with sideboards and offer dressing tables with drawers and a large mirror while your adding cosmetics in the morning. 

Flintshire Furniture Metal Beds 

Flintshire Furniture Mostyn Shinning Rose Bed Frame

Flintshire Furniture Mostyn Shinning Rose Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Incorporating the Flintshire Furniture Mostyn Shinning Rose Bed Frame in to your bedrooms style for low maintenance and stylish features. Think about sofa beds, a guest bed, roll up mattresses and protectors add duvets with a grey rug to finish the space. Add boxes underneath this flat packed product saving space in the home is a must this year. 

Flintshire Furniture Cilcain Bed Frame  

Flintshire Furniture Cilcain Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Shop – Flintshire Furniture Cilcain Bed Frame

Your home needs the Flintshire Furniture Cilcain Bed Frame adding charm and elegance, work in with other modern bedroom furniture for effect. Team with a single latex mattress and a black wardrobe for storage and de-clutter advantages. Choose antique bronze and team with golds and natural colours for a contemporary themed house. 

Flintshire Furniture Ottoman Beds

Flintshire Furniture Holway Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Flintshire Furniture Holway Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed

For the centre focal point of the bedroom opt for the Flintshire Furniture Holway Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed vital for storage you wouldn’t get other wise. Place books, bedding, clothing and boxes underneath creating order in the house. Team with Orthopaedic Mattresses and add a bunk or a high sleeper to the kids bedroom while your online for a better family life. 

Flintshire Furniture Whitford Ottoman Bed

Flintshire Furniture Whitford Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Flintshire Furniture Whitford Ottoman Bed

Discover the Flintshire Furniture Whitford Ottoman Bed with grey upholstery and a slatted base for comfort values. Opt for scroll tops for traditional vibes choose Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattresses to partner for comfy surfaces and temperature control. Add a black bedside table and sofas with drawers and storage ottomans for boxes and accessories. 

Flintshire Furniture Guest Beds For Spare Bedrooms 

Flintshire Furniture Halkyn Guest Bed

Flintshire Furniture Halkyn Guest Bed-Better Bed Company

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For those looking for a spare bedroom buy choose the Flintshire Furniture Halkyn Guest Bed for a multi use purchase online. It helps with space saving opt for cheap low profile mattress for the trundle with castors for easy living and stress free environments. Discover TV Cabinets, recliners and shoe storage reliving the stress from the rest of the house for a spacious feel. 

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Guest Bed

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Guest Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Flintshire Furniture Pentre Guest Bed

It’s important to keep things simple with the Flintshire Furniture Pentre Guest Bed that’s exactly what your doing. Add colourful pictures on the walls choose blue, cream and white for neutral vibes in the bedroom. Think about Office desks and chairs the spare bedroom can be used for almost anything the place should be inviting and homely. 

Choose Flintshire Furniture this spring for your home furnishings. For any help and advice contact Better Bed Company via email – or by phone – 08000467616 only dealing with trusted brands from around the UK.