Do you need a special mattress for an ottoman bed ?


Do you need a special mattress for an ottoman bed ?

With an ottoman bed there are all types of situations and requirements to think about. What fabric should the ottoman bed be bought in ? what size ottoman bed would suit my bedroom ? ect…. one of those questions that we are asked about at Better Bed Company is do you need a special mattress for an ottoman bed ? with so much selection in this area to choose from in the UK online market today we thought we would write a blog on the options the customer can choose from in 2020. The best results could relate to a number situations including the base materials, if the ottoman is slatted or solid, who the end user is. We discuss in this blog your options and give the advice you need. 

Do you need a special mattress for an ottoman bed ?-Better Bed Company

Pocket spring mattress for an ottoman bed 

This style of mattress could work well with a range of base options and styles of bed ottoman beds. The pocket spring mattress is all about support giving the end user the correct foundation for a healthy night’s sleep. This style of spring system found in side a mattress would be an ideal solution to work with your ottoman bed. The pocket spring mattress is combined with a range of fillings that could work well for your ottoman bed needs. 

The pocket spring mattress is a good choice for all ages and genders. For best results in terms of tensions you would want to trail this in a store. With a sprung base ottoman you may find that the mattress has a less firm tension than if you were to lay on a solid top. 

With an ottoman bed you also want to make sure that the materials are ventilated. With a slatted base the materials receive more ventilation this is something to think about in the fillings which we will discuss later in the blog. If you where to go for a sprung mattress this would be a better options for moister control. 

Open Coil mattresses for an Ottoman bed 

Single Open Coil Mattress For an ottoman bed ?-Better Bed Company

This style of mattress could work well for a spare bedroom or a child’s mattress. The open coil mattress gives good result’s when it comes to support and comfort for the price. It’s one of the best selling mattresses in the UK today. The end user would find it easy to lift the ottoman but this also depends on the weight of the fillings. 

with a material like memory foam when combined with a spring system like the open coil you should think about the ventilation of the mattress. It would be a good idea to go for a sprung slatted base as this would help with the over all moister control. 

Better Bed Company would recommend the open coil and ottoman bed combination to children or an adult who weighs less than 10 stone. You would gain more support from a pocket spring mattress which is better for Teenagers and adults. 

Memory Foam mattress for an Ottoman Bed

The memory foam mattress would be well suited for the ottoman bed because it’s a contouring mattress. It’s also light to lift so any complications in lifting the mattress would be less so with this particular material. With memory foam it does tend to get hot so you would be best suited with a slatted base. This would work well when it comes to controlling moister. 

The memory foam material inside a mattress would need a foundation to give it support. This could come in the shape of springs or reflex foam. Springs would be best suited as it would help the memory foam breath when it comes to the base construction. 

Better Bed Company would recommend this solution to Adults and Teenagers but probably not for Children. This type of material could be less effective to someone who is lighter in weight. 

Reflex Foam mattress for an Ottoman Bed

Double Reflex Foam Mattress For an ottoman bed ?-Better Bed Company

The reflex foam mattress could make for an interesting choice when it comes to ottoman beds. The support the end user would gain is apparent with most reflex foams being firm tension. The comfort and tension would be effected by the base foundation with a solid base the mattress would become more firm. 

With a spring and reflex foam combination working well with each other giving a solid foundation. This could work well for back pains you should consult your local GP when it comes to back problems and mattresses. 

Natural Fillings mattresses for an Ottoman Bed

With materials like wool, cotton, and latex your choices in this department are great. The ottoman bed would be the ideal partner for this situation giving comfort and support. With a few things to think about like the base, weight, and the over all look in the bedroom. 

Natural mattresses could be combined with springs or for example with a latex mattress being manufactured as a whole block of material. The moister control would be best suited with a slatted while the over all support might be better as a solid base. There are for sure advantages to both styles of bases when it comes to ottoman beds.

Final thoughts on do yo need a special mattress for an ottoman bed 

Like with all bed bases the end users personal preferences come into play. There are certain situations when one style of mattress could work better than others. The fillings could play a major roll in which one would work will with the ottoman bed. If your buying the ottoman bed for a child or adult you have materials and spring systems to take into account.

Sizes of mattresses are something to think about measuring your ottoman bed is important. A single ottoman bed with a mattress you should be looking at 90cm x 190cm mattress. The depth of a mattress might come into play as well as this would effect the style of headboard best suited. 

Better Bed Company will be concentrating on a range of ottoman beds situation in the next few months. Giving the readers a whole host of ideas giving advice that you can take away and learn from.