Are Ottoman beds flat packed ?


Are Ottoman beds flat packed ?

With Better Bed Company you get the help and advice you need when it comes too all types of Beds and Mattresses. In today’s blog we ask the question Are Ottoman beds flat packed ?. Knowing that UK customers need information before they buy ottoman beds is something we understand. If your in the market for a double ottoman bed or single your in the right place. With so many options available today in the beds sector your gains from valuable content are great and would make buying an ottoman bed less stressful. 

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Flat Pack Ottoman Beds Advantages and Disadvantages

Like with most thing’s in life people do thing’s differently and there are advantages and disadvantages. For instance if the ottoman bed came flat packed you would have to build it piece by piece. If you purchased from a certain brand they may have the ottoman bed ready assembled. Transport could be made easier from base to home but on the other hand you have a headache when it comes to assembling. 

Being flat packed could make it easier for the delivery team when providing a service like room of choice. This means the company would carry the ottoman bed to your bedroom. This could be useful as with some of the beds these day’s it does get heavy especially half way up the stairs. You wouldn’t want to start taking a super king size ottoman bed up a large flight of stairs this could cause issues. 

Hey presto ! if the beds were already to go this could save time bringing life style benefits. This could give you more time to concentrate on other items of furniture that may need building. 

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Does the headboard fit ? make sure to measure the bedroom, walk way, doors and all access points. Most of the time it’s the headboard measurements that are the largest box when it comes to a flat packed ottoman bed. The longest would be the side rails both would play a key role in weather or not the ottoman bed would make it to the bedroom. 

What Styles of Ottoman Bed May And Might Not Come Flat Packed 

Sometimes you may buy an ex display ottoman bed. This means one that you buy from a store that’s been on display. You gains would be a cheap ottoman bed for the price. This would usually come part assembled as there would be little point in taking all of the bed apart. You may find bolts, metal side rails (attachments for the slats to placed on) and plastic caps for the slats to be placed in are ready in place. 

Imported ottoman beds would usually come in the flat pack form. This would make the buy cost effective. Bringing furniture from another country as appose to the UK cost’s can be great. Brands already do this by a massive shipment of 100’s of ottoman beds at a time. This makes financial sense for both buyer and supplier. 

Wooden ottoman beds are very heavy and trying to ship them in one piece might be difficult. It’s a two man delivery from most companies. This could take longer than your average bed as with with a one man you would find this comes on a next day delivery. This would be on the same style of service you may find a roll up memory foam mattress. 

Fabric ottoman beds would usually come flat packed this doesn’t rely on size or shape. If you buy a grey ottoman bed this really wouldn’t effect this out come same go’s for a double ottoman bed (4ft6 x 6ft3 or 135cm x 190cm)

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Other Beds You May Find That Come Flat Packed Like Ottoman Beds 

You would find that large selection of furniture items come flat packed these day’s. This would make it easy to store for the firms and easy to manage for the workers. If you look at Bunk Beds this is a type of product that comes flat packed in the UK. With so many boxes involved with bunk beds it’s going to be easier to handle when it comes to transport. 

You would also find that wardrobes, side tables and other bedroom furniture might come in a flat packed form. Sometimes bed side tables might come ready assembled due to them being a smaller item. This makes more sense when it comes to storage and delivery services. 

Final Thoughts on Are Ottoman beds flat packed ?

Depending on how you buy your new ottoman bed and who your purchase was from would give you your answer. It’s always best to double check with the supplier before you spend your hard earned money. The customer service team would be able to help you with regards to the if the ottoman bed was flat packed. 

Always check with the brand or company you buy the ottoman bed from for the measurements. You don’t want to find your self in the situation of damaging your property or struggle to transport the bed through your home. You could also look at removing window in the bedroom at worst case scenario. 

It’s also a good idea to know that the packaging would usually come as cardboard. You should recycle the waste or reuse to help the environment this can be easy with home services or local skips. 

Better Bed Company have a large selection of ottoman beds in all shapes and sizes. The colours and fabric textures we have on offer would for sure represent a match in so many different decor styles. We also cater from the single ottoman bed to the super king size depending on the size of your bedroom and your needs.