Are Ottoman beds easy to lift ?


Are Ottoman Beds easy to lift ?

When it comes to bed’s sometimes we forget about usability and get lost in colours and style. Don’t worry Better Bed Company are here to help give you a run down on all things ottoman beds and not forgetting the end user while were at it. 

We try and give you a rundown on how these stylish items work and how to make the best decision when you come to buy. Making your life easier is something we strive for in fact it’s the most important aspect of our company. 

We talk through sizes of storage ottoman beds this could play a key role in how this would effect how easy it is to open. 

Brand awareness and who to look out for, when looking at the best and easiest to lift beds. Certain companies have that go to style and user experience vibe. 

How does it all work  

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Ottoman beds the foundation 

You have so many options when it comes to what type of bed you want in your home. Knowing that you have a certain style that could help you out not just in the bedroom but the whole home is an advantage you gain when it comes to this style. 

The bed is a foundation to your sleep making the right choices in this area is so important for your life. Not just when sleeping but when in any application. This storage solution could make or break your families well-being.

Making the right choice  

There is a few different options when it comes to styles. You get a gas piston double lifting mechanism and your in the game. This would be the best option but price could be a factor. You usually find these on the best ottoman beds ! Better Bed Company know this and that’s why we only deal with brands who supply this as a standard. 

You could go for a cheap option this would be a spring opening ottoman bed. These are very basic and could cause complications when in use. There probably found on less quality beds. Stay clear of these types of brands your gains are low !

Sizes of Ottoman Beds 

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Starting with a Single 

We would only really start with a 3ft you may be able to find the smaller size but there few and far between. This would be as a standard 2ft6 small single but your going to find it hard to find. With the single ottoman bed this would be 190cm in length then 90cm in width. These could be a good buy for that small bedroom giving more space for other activities. 

This size is going to quite easy to lift. You only really have a certain amount of weight with this one. Depending on your mattress you shouldn’t have a problem.

Small Double

This size has a fundamental part to play in 2020 more and more people where asking for them so we got our act together and hey presto. You know that space is hard to come by usually if your looking for a small double ottoman bed so it makes more sense with this size. The measurements are 120cm in width and 190cm again in length. 

Your going up a notch with this size but again as long as your strong you should make light work of the lift. 


Probably the most common size in the UK when it comes to beds sizes. It could make all the difference in the home with a new double ottoman bed. The measurements aren’t that much different form a small double being 135cm x 190cm in length. 

This should be light depending on your age and health you wouldn’t want a child lifting this size. The elderly could also struggle maybe a draw bed could be an option. 

King Size

Better Bed Company probably get the most interest in this size. It fit’s most bedrooms to a tie and were thinking in years to come it will take center stage as the most common bed in the UK. The end user would get a massive amount of space for all types of belongings in 150cm x 200cm remember the length go’s up when your talking king size ottoman beds. 

For a healthy person you should’t have any issues. It may look daunting but when you add a mattress to the surface it spreads the weight and actually helps you out. 

Super King Size

Know your talking if you have enough space this is for sure the best option ! your gaining a massive 180cm x 200cm space to chill and sleep on as well storage space underneath. Your bedroom will never be the same again as well as your life. 

With a super king size the lift shouldn’t be a problem. In this scenario your want the best brands knowing quality is a standard. Make sure you have your protein shakes before you start and get help if needed by your partner or a family member. 

Get the right Brand

Better Bed Company

Your in luck with this style of bed as we have our own stylish collection. With so much selection of offer when it comes to designs and fabric colours. The lifting has never been easier we make sure of that. All our beds have the gas piston mechanism on both sides. Your life style gains just got better we know quality when we see it. It’s no wonder our ottoman beds are the best selling a long with the mattresses on the UK site. 

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Getting it right !

Dealing with the best has always been our principle building relationships with a whole host of brands. We don’t want to supply half measured products to our customers. Attention has been given in this area over the years and using our experience has played a major role in this. Brands like Julian Bowen, Bedmaster, Kaydian Ottoman Beds and many more are dependable companies. These are just a few to look out for when making the decision. Your lifting experience is understood by these manufacturers getting you the best in class has been our priority. 

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