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The new age of beds and what it means for you. With Ford being the company it is they have come up with a smart bed using new technology. Better Bed Company want to be the at the front end of the bed industry and let you know what we have in store for you in the coming years. 

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Fords New Smart Bed

Ford have used the lane-centering assist technology used on there car’s that makes the motorist stay in the middle of there lane. The smart bed has taken this to the bedroom. It makes your bed hogging hubby stay on there side. 

Ford Vehicle-Better Bed Company

This is done in a gentle way so you don’t wake up and stay in a deep sleep. So there will be no more being pushed to the edge of the bed now. With pressure sensors reacting to movement during your sleep. 

They are saying that this could be good for your relationships as well as sleep. It’s amazing how this could help humans in the long run. 

What Ever’s Next

We should learn from this and take the next steps. We have already seen sleep apps from Apple itunes store make a difference in our lives.

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These can make a real den’t on insomnia a sleep disorder that effects millions of people. Better Bed company want to be the next company to help assist in a better nights sleep so we will be doing some research and surveys in the near future on what we need next. 

Better Bed Company Future

We are in talks at the moment manufacturing our own beds. These will have USB connections and lights built in.

USB Lead-Better Bed Company

There will be a discussion on the future too. The coming years are round the corner and this is something to take advantage of and leave for our children. 


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