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New Technology Beds | We Are In A New Era In The Beds Industry


New Tech Beds 

Ikea are at the forefront of the newest Technologies and Better Bed Company have mention them before in our New Tech Beds Blogs. This time there making more space in your bedroom’s wow. Forget space saving items like Ottoman Beds and the must have Guest Beds. Ikea have come up with a furniture item that’s going to take the industry by storm. 

Ikea’s very own – ROGNAN robotic furniture  

The new furniture collection created in partnership with Ori an American Company that specialise in robotic interiors. There known for there unique designs in the home furnishings industry. Giving customers space that allow them to create the biggest and best homes in the smallest spaces.  

At a touch of a button you can transform your bedrooms making the space more useful for the activities you desire. So if it’s time for bed just bring the store away euro double bed using the touch devise. 

The whole furniture item is on wheels as seen in the video above the piece moves back and forth with ease. This gives you the space for education as well as other activities such as socialising. 

With a built in wardrobe your getting a multi purpose item of furniture with this new Tech item. Something we think is going to massive in the future. New designs have to make use of space allowing us to use smaller spaces in the same way as we would big ones. Were all about making the most of a situation and the tech way could bring this type of living with it ! 

Wow Better Bed Company need to come up with some new designs to keep up with Ikea in 2020 😉 

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New Technology Beds

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