Moving Home Mattresses And Beds


When you buy mattresses and beds there can be different reason’s for the purchase. When moving home it’s important to look at opportunities were you can take stress away

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Buying Mattresses Online

When you come to purchase mattresses online it’s a lot less stressful. You don’t have the sales person trying to pressure you into buying and trying to up sell you on something you don’t need. You can do this in the comfort of your own home on your phone these day’s.

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You can get all the information you need by reading blogs like this. The products can have reviews so that will give you an indication that someone is happy or unsatisfied with what they have slept on. 

When Should You Purchase ?

You would want to give your self some contingency time for any deliveries that need to be made. If it’s a made to order mattress or bed then this could take time.

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The trained craftsman need to take there time and not rush in the process. You can also get a next day delivery mattress if you are in a rush. 

What Room Is It For ?

When moving home sometimes it’s for extra space so it could be for a spare room. Remember you would probably need bedroom furniture to go with your new bed as well. If it’s for your new master bedroom then you would want to check the measurements for everything before you purchase the bed and mattress. Remember to check the dimensions of the whole house leading to the room the bed is for. 

Why Stress ?

Its one of the most stressful things you will ever do moving home. If you get the right companies involved then this will help with out a doubt.

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Better Bed Company are specialist’s in the area of beds and furniture and will be able to give you advice on what is needed to make your life easier. 

Home Sweet Home

When you are all moved in you can start enjoying your new beds and furniture. This is the time you will reap the benefits of hiring specialist companies. The layout is very important in a new home so this will give you a chance to experiment.

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Sometimes when you are planning things can change and bedroom furniture is no different. You might think the double bed you purchased for your son’s room would be more suited for the spare bedroom. The headboard for the spare room would look nice in the master bedroom. Well this you can only tell after time and experience will lead you on the right track. 

Better Bed Company Are Here To Help

We want to help all our customer in every way possible it’s are duty as a company. We want to make sure everyone one is given the right advice for every different situation and people moving home is something we care about. We have been there and done that on countless occasions so don’t hesitate to call or email we are here for you at any time. 


We also have THE STORE section on the Better Bed Company now. There’s a large amount of furniture for a new home