Movies, Beds And Mattresses


We want the best Beds and Mattresses when watching the latest movies. Making memories in the comfort of our own homes is essential. The best furniture can help assist us in getting the best experience too. 

Pass The Channel Changer 

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With new technology from Sky and Alexa we no longer need remote there a thing of the past. Google are front runners in this too with OK Google we can now use our voice to do actions like search, get directions, and create reminders. This is a new era we live in and we should embrace this. So now we are more comfortable in our home especially in our bedrooms when watching the latest Netflix or movie. 

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Best Beds For Movie Night

The way we sit in bed is very important as we do not want our night spent relaxing. We want to concentrate on the film so a padding is important. We could go with a headboard or a fabric bed for this. Maybe take a rain check on a wooden bed frame or metal they definitely have there place but for movie’s in bed there probably a no go. We could use our pillows though with feather’s or cotton this could Suffice. Wanting the best posture for the time spent in this position is of paramount importance. 

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Furniture For Films

Make use of your bedroom furniture in every way possible. If we had bed side tables then this could be a place to rest our sweets or drinks for the night. Bed side cabinets could be a place for lamps to dim the lights when the movie is coming to an end. With a desk it’s some were we would watch a film on our laptops it’s just another way a piece of bedroom furniture could become useful. 

Who Spilt The Drink

If we protect our mattresses this common problem would not be an issue besides putting a load of washing on. Mattress protectors come with a membrane that is waterproof as accidents do happen. They can also keep you bed bug free giving you a certain fabric between you and the bed.  We have a range of mattress protectors to meet your needs. They also add duration to your mattress life. 

Bunks For Films

with all children’s bunk beds they are a place were they can have fun and watching movies is an activity that would take place in a bedroom. Its a time when parents can put there feet up and relax.

Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

Make sure that you check the guard rails on the top bunk bed are fastened securely and that there is nothing hanging off the side for strangulation issues. 

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10 Movies To Watch In Bed In 2019

1 – Bohemian Rhapsody

2 – A Star Is Born

3 – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

4 – Vice

5 – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

6 – Toy Story 4

7 – Joker

8 – Incredibles 2

9 – Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

10 – Serenity

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