Ultimate Guide to Metal Bed Frame


Is it time for a change in the bedroom a quality metal bed frame could be favourable as a statement in the bedroom. Do you want to add colour and vibes to the home ? if so this could be your best option. It’s time to ditch the fabrics and wooden feel ! don’t worry you can always add these to the rest of room if you can’t live with out. Keep scrolling to find out more about what we’ve got just for you. 

Double Black Metal Bed Frames

Double Black Metal Bed Frames 

Black Bed Frames are the hero of you’ve been on the look out for when it comes to a fashionable focal point in the room. Structure is an attribute and a adding a traditional vibe is a virtue of this type of decor. Add some leather to the mix with a storage ottoman and contraste with a white chest of draws for impact. Team this up with a grey rug for your feet in the morning and a oak wardrobe for all your T shirts and Jogging bottoms. 

Black Nickel Bed Frame

Grey Single Metal Bed Frame 

Whether your buying a grey single metal bed frame for your master bedroom or spare discover what colour shades and size can do to the over all feel of the room. The larger the space the darker you can go that’s a rule of thumb. Whether your looking for 3ft or 2ft6, we got you. Team this up with a memory foam mattress or a cool natural and a topper to get you comfortable while your sleeping. 

Grey Single Metal Bed Frame

King Size Ivory Metal Bed Frame 

Give the rest of the room an up lift with a king size ivory metal bed frame while keeping modern and fresh. Choose a light colour with a high headboard and low foot end keeping the taller sleeper happy. Add some brown bedroom furniture with draws and shelves and a oak dressing table for beauty times. Style the room with a blue sofa bed for when friends stay the night and an orthopedic mattress for those back aches and pains

King Size Ivory Metal Bed Frame

 White Super King Metal Bed Frame 

With a sleek white super king size metal bed frame your heading for a contemporary bedroom style. Discover why there the best selling and at cheap prices while helping the environment your going to figure out why there all queuing up at the shops with buy. Add some pink TV stands for your Netflix and chill and a two tone desk for when your working from home. 

White Super King Size Metal Bed Frame

Getting your bedroom furniture is going to be easy this Winter with Better Bed Company offering the best deals. For your Metal Bed Frames there no where else to look. With so many styles, designs and colours to choose from we got you covered !

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