Kaydian Lanchester Velvet Plume Ottoman Bed Frame


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Ottoman bed frames are the epitome of style, luxury, and practicality. They offer ample storage space while adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Among the brands that have made a name for themselves in this field, Kaydian stands out with its range of top-selling Ottoman bed frames.

This latest blog from Better Bed Company will explain everything you need to know about our Kaydian Ottoman Bed Frames.

Kaydian Lanchester Velvet Plume Ottoman Bed Frame

Immerse yourself in sheer luxury with the Kaydian Lanchester Velvet Plume Ottoman Bed Frame. This light grey fabric ottoman is guaranteed to bring your home a luxurious look and feel.

With its straight lines on the headboard and fabric finish, it exudes a modern, contemporary look that is hard to resist.

The bed frame’s MDF base keeps your belongings off the floor, making it an ideal choice for maintaining order in your home.

Its fabric upholstery handles make accessing the under-bed space a breeze. Whether you want to enhance your master bedroom or spruce up your guest room, this bed frame is perfect.

The uniqueness of this bed frame lies in its short in-depth feet that slightly elevate the ottoman off the ground.

Its sturdy construction and specially designed lift mechanism make it easy to manoeuvre, ensuring durability and convenience.

Kaydian Chilton Artemis Light Grey Ottoman Bed Frame

The Kaydian Chilton Artemis Light Grey Ottoman Bed Frame epitomises elegance and modernity. Its unique feature, an LED light strip, sets it apart from other models.

It comes with USB ports on both sides, adding a touch of lifestyle improvement to your bedroom.

This bestseller features a spacious under-bed storage area accessible through fabric handles. Its MDF wooden base ensures that all stored items remain dust-free.

The straight lines and Artemis grey colour give it a contemporary feel that seamlessly blends with any decor.

Like all Kaydian ottoman beds, the Chilton model is built with distinction. Its twin-piston lifting system and floating ventilated storage compartment indicate its superior design.

Finished with wooden feet, it stands elegantly off the floor.

Kaydian Walkworth Pendle Oatmeal Ottoman Bed Frame

The Kaydian Walkworth Pendle Oatmeal Ottoman Bed Frame is another gem in the Kaydian collection.

This stylish fabric ottoman bed offers a large storage space inside, supported by a superior 4-piece MDF foundation and strong metal cross rails.

The bed frame’s headboard showcases perfect craftsmanship with its elegant design, featuring four buttons stitched to perfection.

Beneath the oatmeal fabric lies a wooden frame that ensures long-term durability. The bed is also filled with sumptuous fillings for maximum comfort.

The contemporary shade of oatmeal fabric will complement both existing and new furniture. Finished with hardwood feet that elevate it off the floor, this bed frame is genuinely appealing.

Its specially designed lift-up system makes it a market leader, reflecting the care and effort Kaydian Beds puts into its design process.

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