How to maximise space with small double beds


Small double beds are an excellent choice for those looking to maximise their available space.

Not only are they significantly smaller than a standard double bed, but they can also offer innovative storage solutions.

Here are some tips from Better Bed Company on how to use small double beds to make the most of your room!

Ways to Maximise Space with Small Double Beds

Choose a storage bed

A storage bed is a great way to make the most of a small bedroom, providing plenty of extra storage without taking up any additional floor space.

Storage beds come in two main varieties—platform and ottoman—and both styles offer significant space-saving benefits.

Platform beds have drawers beneath the mattress, while ottomans lift up to reveal large compartments beneath them.

At Better Bed Company, we have a range of small double ottoman beds for you to choose from!

Check out our Better Stellar Storm Ottoman Bed for your next small double ottoman to save space in your home!

This bed offers straight lines that are perfect for adding just the right touch of class to any room.

But the design isn’t just stylish – it also allows extra storage and comfort! You can use it to store bedroom items and other pieces from around the house.

Over-the-door storage

Overhead and over-the-door storage systems are a great way to exploit otherwise dead space in your bedroom.

Hang shelves or baskets above your small double bed to store books and other items off the floor.

Use over-the-door pockets or shoe organiser bags to store smaller items such as accessories, toiletries, and crafting supplies.

Over-the-door accessories can free up floor space around the bed, which can be used for additional furniture pieces or just more breathing room.

Multi-functional furniture

If you’re short on space and need pieces that provide multiple functions, invest in multi-functional furniture beds such as sofa beds, bunk beds or high sleeper beds.

For example, our Julian Bowen Hercules Highsleeper is the perfect space-saver for your children’s bedroom!

The versatile and modern design of this highsleeper bed provides your little one with a fun, study-friendly atmosphere in their bedroom—without sacrificing quality or function.

Strong wooden construction ensures that this bed will stand the test of time, with a neutral white colour perfect for smaller bedrooms!

These will provide extra sleeping spaces if needed while offering more usable surface area for activities like studying or lounging around in front of the TV.

Utilising shelving

Make use of wall space by installing shelves on either side of your small double bed.

Installing shelves will provide extra space to store books and other possessions without cluttering up floor space in front of your bed or making it hard to get into position at night without tripping over things!

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