How To Decorate Your Children’s bedroom on A Budget


With everything that’s going on at the moment saving your pocket is a must. Transform your children’s bedrooms with Better Bed Company. We’ve got some hints and tips that could be right up your street. 

Creating a fun atmosphere is a must. With pink and blue colours your providing your kids with there own personality go light or dark depending on the size of the room. Despite what you think it doesn’t cost the earth to add your own stamp on reworking the space. 

Children’s bedrooms are designed and focus on safety and function this shouldn’t be forgotten. Dealing with quality brands like Julian Bowen and Steens your in safe hands. Make your boys and girls better than the average with different materials and add some shelving and storage there not just cool but practical also. It’s important to make the effort as there going to be spending so much of there childhood in this room. 

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Best Buys For Your Children’s Bedrooms  

Shopping for your kids bedroom can be a daunting experience, not with an online buy though let the professionals take care of you. Where’s the best place to start ? prioritise your buys you can always add later it’s not a race. Check out some ideas we’ve got for you keep scrolling. 

Triple Sleepers 

Opt for this space saving buy with triple sleepers your boys bedrooms modern. By using a wooden material your kids bedroom will last add a low profile mattress up top to keep them safe and a bottom draw for extra storage. You buy a 3 sleeper for the price of two this makes sense for your budget. 

Julian Bowen Orion Triple Bunk White-Better Bed Company

Cheap Pink Rugs 

Colours are an important part of any bedroom. Adding a pink rug would create a certain style and mood in the space. Keeping this clean as to be a priority keep some products close by in one of the drawers there’s no panic at the time of the event. 

Pink Rug-Better Bed Company

Pillows And Mattress Protectors  

Pillows and mattress protectors can make a huge difference to your kids bedroom this will provide comfort and cover you from any spills on the sleeping surface. Opt for water proof and allergy free products this keeps them healthy and clean. Pillow pairs can provide a better deal and saving your mattress is a no brainer for the long run. 

Pillow Pair-Better Bed Company

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