How To Deal With The Heat In Your Bedroom This Summer


Let’s face it your bedroom is like a sauna during these summer months. It’s just something you have to deal with or is it ? we have some ideas that are going to keep you cool and not in the fashion sense. Ahead of the winter months we’ve also got to make sure your on top of the game for all seasons. 

Why so Hot….. 

It’s during the night when we get all hot and sweaty our beds and duvets can have a real effect on our body temperature. For instance if you lay on a memory foam mattress topper with a memory foam mattress your not going to be in the best shape. You can buy all the bedroom furniture you like and have the best colours in the world but this ain’t going to change much. 

Memory Foam Mattress Topper with a Memory Foam Mattress

Get the right mattress

If your looking for comfort and the right climate your better off with a natural mattress. If you want the comfort of a contouring feel to go with it add the memory foam mattress topper and protector. 

It’s England not LA so this can really help your body. 

Open the window 

when your in work all day usually someone open’s the window as it’s getting stuffy. Same go’s for the bedroom on those summer nights you need to get ventilation in the room. Another way is to buy a bed frame with solid slats this is going to help your mattress / sleeping surface remain dry. You may be thinking about the birds singing and the noise of the traffic passing by ? why not add some low music in the background like queen or california king bed this will help you doze off in no time. 

Hoxton Bed Frame

Keep your fluids up during the day 

It’s ok having the best divan bed or ottoman storage if your bothered during sleep you ain’t getting best experience. Keeping some water close by on your chest of draws or a bed side table will keep you hydrated. You could even go for a hot drink – See Article 

Before sleep and if your lucky enough to own a TV bed while your watching your Netflix why not have some fruit. This is going to chill you out add some ice in to the mix and your frosty like winter. 


Buy super king size mattresses

Space is the way to go and with s super king size you can’t go wrong. Add some comfy pillows with protectors and a low tog summer duvet like 1 or 2 or 3 it’s not about how thick it is. 

Your body heat does tend to fall just before bed time, your body also tends to lose heat which is a good thing if it’s summer. – what happens to your body when you sleep article

Super King Size Mattress

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