The Best Divan Bed Bases For Hotels


You’ve been given the green light to start a refresh on your hotel and now come to the conclusion you need new bed bases, shift your budget this way as this buys going to make or break peoples stay. There’s one thing that guests want and that’s style, make this room inviting and modern with colours and textures a must. We’ve got some tips for you hoteliers to get this just right. 

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Think about creating a certain theme through-out the bedroom with fabric beds and grey or white colours the space is contemporary. Add a green headboard for a statement piece, people on holiday love to be amazed. If your based in central London you may want to go sophisticated with a black leather ottoman bed frame for elegance. 

We’ve got some best tips for you for divan bases in Hotel Rooms. 

Get The Size Right 

Size does matter this sets the room our correctly and in order just what visitors want while there away from home. You can save space by going for non standard with small double and small single bedsteads something to think about, this could leave more room for desks and chairs. 

Managing the room effectively is all about thinking about who’s staying there. You might have back packers and these usually have large bags, go for a super king size divan bed with drawers this will give them extra space for there smaller products and create extra room you would get from a non storage. 

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Small Spaces Need Light Colours 

If your hotel rooms small there’s plenty of tricks you can use to create illusions. White bed bases is just one way of creating a certain feel to the bedroom. Use mirrors and light wall paper, this will make the room look more spacious for your guests. 

Using tricks like this and going for smaller bedroom furniture is always an options. Try wardrobes with glass doors and shorter depth in your chest of drawers this will create more space for while there getting ready for there night out. 

White bed in hotel room-Better Bed Company

Bed Bases With Drawers 

Opt for bed bases with drawers this will provide the guests with options. They may not hold lot’s of luggage but this will provide them with space if needs must. You could also add spare bedding like pillows and duvets underneath for the guests to use as and when. 

Go with 2 + 2 Continental bed bases this will allow the visitors to use the draws if there’s bedside tables. There’s also scope for 4 drawer bed bases this will provide more space that you wouldn’t usually get from a standard base. 

Sprung Base For Mattresses 

It’s important that you create the best sleeping surface that’s long lasting for your customers. With a sprung base your adding a quality partner for your hotel mattresses. This type of surface will add life-span to your mattress and work in tandem. 

The down side to a sprung base is that it will effect the mattresses tension. For most hotels you would want a firm mattress or supportive adding a sprung base underneath might not give you this effect.