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Healthy life style is about everything that takes place during the day. Your routine will effect your sleep and we want to help with advice not just on Beds and mattresses but all so on your life style. Your Child’s sleep will not just be affected by what children’s Bunk Beds or Child’s mattresses they use but also by there diet. A healthy Teenager brings better society and looking at there diet and life style will bring a better community as a whole. We don’t just offer Teenager mattresses we offer the whole package for a healthy life style. 

The series of healthy recipes continues with 

Healthy Salmon And Spinach

Salmon And Spinach-Better Bed Company

Salmon and spinach is a perfect meal to add to a balanced diet. The oils and omega 3 are a must for healthy living. You should add at least 2 fish portions to your diet weekly. Fish helps keeping your heart healthy so it’s a perfect edition to your diet. Spinach is a good source of fiber, high in vitamins A and C, high in iron and has a good source of magnesium. 


3 x table spoon of Olive Oil

3 x Salmon Fillet 

750g of spinach 

1 x Lemon 

6 x table spoons of reduced-fat crème fraîche

Here We go

Heat the pan with the oil. Season the salmon fillets on both sides. You now want to fry the fillets for 4 min’s on both sides they should be golden brown. Leave the fillets on the side while you cook the spinach and sauce.

Clean the spinach with water fist then add to a pan. Heat for 1 minuet. Then add the crème fraîche to the pan. Heat together for a couple of minuets add the lemon juice then add the salmon again for 1 minuet. 

Serve and enjoy. 



Better Bed Company understand a healthy life style is important. See the Healthy Eating For A Better Nights Sleep Blog for more advice on this subject !