Swanglen Headboards For Your Divan Beds


Purchasing a headboard is a big deal. Get it right with Swanglen a brand for the home. A divan bed should be partnered with the best. Deciding on the style of the headboard can be difficult. If your left undecided we have some ideas on colours, sizes and designs that would be a quality suiter for any bed base. 

Choose the right size 

It sounds easy but if done incorrectly your going to be stung by delivery and shipping costs. Consider the size of the divan bed frame and ornaments plus shelving above the bed frame. 

Reviewing what you have in the bedroom can offer expectations. Consider colours of furniture and windows this would help you understand what size headboard might be best for the room type. Make sure to buy the same width of the divan bed base so the back struts will attach correctly to the bed frame. 


Whether your looking for a modern or traditional themed bedroom the colours will effect the style. 

Newer styled rooms would suit grey, white and green ideal for modern homes. The character of the bedroom would be effected by the colour of headboard you choose. 

Contemplate light or dark colours effective in different sized bedrooms. Opt for pinks in girls rooms and navy blue would be the best suiter for boys bedrooms. 

Of course you could choose a brown or cream headboard these wold be well presented in traditional houses. 

Fabric or wooden? 

Newer homes are more likely to feature fabric headboards due to styling. They can be complimented easier by bedroom furniture with natural colours your schemes should differ from room to room. 

However if you have a guest bedroom or spare a wooden headboard might be more preferred. This would be an effective buy with low maintenance advantages. 


Deciding on the style of the headboard can be tricky. Opt for a simplistic design to uncomplicate the bedroom. Choose a button effect for a traditional vibes and go curved for focal points. 

A statement could come in the shape of scroll top headboard ideal for country houses. Think about straight lines these can make the room look more spacious and would work well with bed linen. 


With Swanglen Headboards offering next day delivery the sale would be quick and easy. We also offer free delivery with Better Bed Company your keeping the money in your pocket. 

There’s things to consider on the delivery day. Can you access the bedroom and have you measured tight walk ways and room access? 


Swanglen are a reputable brand being in the industry for decades. They have a reputation for quality in the industry winning awards on a regular basis. There part of the Airsprung Beds group which is one of the biggest bed companies in the UK, Swanglen also offer beds, upholstered furniture and storage for the bedroom. 

If you need any advice on all types of beds and bedroom furniture Better Bed Company are always here. Call 08000467616 or email customercare@betterbedcompany.uk for the best experience in the beds and mattress industry