Guest Beds And How They Can Act As An Important Purchase For society


When your in your home and having friends over for the night it’s important to get the right bed for those most close to us. This will impact our social life giving us extra time to spend with our friends on more occasions. The Beds we cater to our guests say so much about us and tell our Friends that we care.

Better Bed Company thought it would be a good idea to share some of our secrets in what to look for in an ideal guest bed. This could take you to the top of the social ladder and provide a unique experience for not just your friends but your family too. 

Guest Beds And There Material

With materials there’s things you have to think about like durability, life span, colours and trust to name a few. The original bedroom furniture could play a part in the end outcome of your purchase. Well it would look strange if you had oak guest bed and the rest of the furniture in the bedroom was leather. 

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Guest Bed

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Guest Bed 

If metal was an option for you then we have the Jay-Be guest beds range with a lifetime guarantee. With this type of metal guest bed your getting a space saving item for your home as well with an easy store away design. 

Jay-Be Supreme Folding Bed with Airflow Fibre Mattress-Better Bed Company Jay-Be Supreme Folding Bed with Airflow Fibre Mattress Folded Up-Better Bed Company

Jay-Be Supreme Folding Bed with Airflow Fibre Mattress

A fabric guest bed could appeal and also could give you an option to dress the beds up and add your own style. With the Airsprung Beds Quattro guest bed you could also add a headboard of your choice. 

Airsprung Beds Quattro Guest Bed-Better Bed Company

Airsprung Beds Quattro Guest Bed

Guest Beds For A Better Society 

Your character also plays a role in the choices you have. You wouldn’t want to buy a guest bed your not going to happy living with through out your time with the furniture. It’s not for you this purchase but your still going to see it on a regular basis. 

This type of item could add something you have been missing to your life. The chance to tell that friend or family member they can stay over the night if they like. It could be one of children’s friends as well giving them the time to spend together as there is an extra bed in your home. 

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Guests and Beds

We hope this blog helps you, your friends and your family