Best Mattresses For Guest Beds


You’ve just bought your new guest bed remember this needs a couple of partners. We’ve come up with the best mattresses that would provide that support and comfort your friends want for the night cap. Memory foam mattresses have to be entertained for a contouring healthy sleeping surface. May we suggest a natural filled roll up these have quality temperature control and would work well for younger and older visitors. Opt for a single low profile for the trundle this will help when pulling the underbed out. 

If you need some inspo for the best buys online, we’ve got you! We have some of the best companions for your guest beds to introduce to your home. 

Keep things supported with a pocket spring mattress team with either memory foam or naturally filled materials. Ideal for wooden slated or solid base beds. strike a balance with a medium tension this will provide the best surface for multiple sleepers. Remember you can always add a topper if this is to firm for some guests staying the night. 

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Memory Foam Mattresses

Buy a memory foam mattress for a contouring healthy sleeping surface. This style will relieve pressure points and position your guests into the best posture for a quality night. Add a protector to keep the bedroom clean and a grey bedside table for easy access from the guest bed. 

bedmaster-copella-guest-bed-Better Bed Company

Pocket Spring Mattresses

With pocket spring mattresses your guests will be supported add different types of top surface materials depending on your budget. Always check the headboard height you won’t want to intrude the design with a thick depth buy. Add 1 + 3 chest of drawers and a black desk with shelving for past times. Team with some silk blend Pillows and a Hungarian white goose feather duvet for a comfortable effect. 

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Latex Mattresses 

Buying a latex mattress for your guests says everything about your self as these are an expensive option. There a natural foam material and can be accompanied by a spring system underneath. Add some oak wardrobes and a white sideboard for all there storage needs. 

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Better Bed Company have the best mattress collection designed for types of scenarios. Whether your searching for the guest room or a master we’ve got the advice for your self and family members. Contact us – by phone 0800 0467 616 or email were always here to help.