Best Colours For Guest Bedrooms


Searching for new colour schemes for you bedroom can be daunting. Remember to think about what sort of theme your searching for in the space and who are the main users in the space. If you have older family members then think traditional if the rooms going to be used by your childrens friends go modern. Textures and tones are effective from wooden furniture this provides neutral vibes in the space. Greys and white colours are usually found in contemporary homes, you can’t go wrong with these shades. 

We’ve rounded up the best guest beds to save space in the spare bedroom these are going to be an effective purchase for the house. Adding a light grey upholstery fabric storage ottoman would provide added storage space and also act as stylish accessory in the home. Keep scrolling to see what certain colours and furniture that might work in a guest bedroom. 

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Grey Upholstered Fabric Ottoman Beds 

Introducing practical and stylish grey upholstery fabric ottoman beds for all your storage wants and needs. If your bedrooms small go for a single with a light shade if you have a large bedroom a small double dark linen might be a better match. Add a memory foam mattress and some bedside tables team with a oak chest of draws and matching sideboard. 

bedmaster-candy-fabric-ottoman-bed-Better Bed Company

White Bedside Tables 

Opt for white bedside tables this type of product has to be the right size and height to be effective get the dimensions correct and your there! Go for draws and shelving providing options for your guest there going to thank you later. Add a wardrobe to match with sliding doors and wooden guest bed for the perfect partnership. 

steens-soft-line-white-1-drawer-chest-Better Bed Company

Wooden Guest Beds 

Wooden guest beds always. If your searching for an easy to style guest room buy then this has to be under consideration. Go painted or keep those textures and tones present both having neutral aspects. Just add a single roll up mattress some comfy feather pillows and duvets for your guests keeping them snug and warm during the winter. 

artisan-bed-company-wooden-guest-bed-Better Bed Company

Guest bedrooms are about welcoming friends and family to the home. Go for light colours and neutral vibes. Don’t think cheap other wise your going to be diving straight back into the pocket for the next visitor. Easy to maintain furniture always works well in spare bedrooms.