Guest Beds For A Modern Bedroom


There’s nothing quite like offering a quality night sleep to visitors, supplying the best guest bed to friends would mean you care. 

With personal preference important with any furnishings buy we understand the style and performance has to stand up to standards. 

Better Bed Company have some styles that might work well for your house. 

Here’s some points to consider: 


Getting this correct can some times be difficult. Consider the size of the bedroom first and the bedroom furniture so the room works in tandem. 

Guest beds can save space in the home with trundle bed designs. Offer a single 3th with underbed on castors. 

With a small double size which is 4ft x 6ft3 your creating more space for bedside tables and wardrobes than you would with a standard 4ft6.


Opt for materials that have long lasting advantages. Consider maintenance this will leave you more time for other activities. Choose robust and strong materials like wood and metal these will last. 

You should also think about the headboard supply a strutted or floor standing design for sturdy advantages. The trundle might require castors and legs opt for wood and steel as these strong and reliable. The legs on the top bed should be well constructed this type of bed will be moved when cleaning. 

Headboard designs

There’s nothing quite like a bed to offer the bedroom style and the headboards probably the most significant part. Offer a headboard with a slatted design this is also known a shaker style in the bed industry these will supply a spacious effect to the bedroom. Consider a headboard with a plinth this shows quality and presents character to the guest beds style. 

With a fabric guest bed your provided plenty of colour options. Buy with a velvet or linen to keep the cost down. Think about a white headboard this is easy to match with bedroom furniture now and in the future. 


Always consider the delivery of the guest bed before you buy. Buy a next day guest bed for fast advantages. Room of choice is something to ask about taking this up to bedroom can be difficult. Recycling packaging is a must for the environment. 


When buying a guest bed your going to need mattress to partner. Opt for spring or memory foam mattresses there going to supply support and comfort for your friends. 

A roll up mattress might be an idea this would be easy to take to the bedroom. Your going to save money being a cost effective way of delivering. Note make sure to measure the underbed compartment this will supply you with the depth and length of the mattress that’s required for the guest bed. 

We have a large selection of guest bed to browse online. Offering brands that will provide quality standards for the purchase and supply peace of mind for years to come. 

If you have any questions Better Bed Company are always here for you. Contact us on 08000467616 or email to With over 30 years experience in the Bed and Mattress industry we have the best advice.