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Buying new furnishings for the home can sometimes be stressful, making it simple with the right size can make things easier. Consider the other furniture in the room of choice and access. The windows, wall paper and flooring can all contribute to what fits best. Get the right colour with grey ottoman beds choose from dark to light shades depending on the room length, width and height for spacious effects. 

Look at room styles when considering the size of a grey ottoman bed frame for best practice compliment and work the bedroom in tandem. There’s also scope for focal points choose the right headboard or think about a wall in the bedroom that could be wall papered in a vibrant colour. Your life will be made so much easier if you make a plan before shopping so get your tape measure out and use boxes to replicate products. 

We have some sizes that might work well in the house check them out now!

Single 3ft

The 1st size to consider is a single perfect for small bedrooms. There’s a couple of things to start with that’s the length and width with a single mattress your sleeping surface would be 190cm x 190cm ideal for 1 person. The height of the ottoman bed would bring advantages if purchased correctly. Don’t go bulky this would decrease the room size low is always better or a medium height for best practice. 

Small Double 4ft

When searching for the correct sized bed frame it’s important to make sure there’s space for bedside tables. In a master bedroom that’s small sometimes you would be better with a non standard sized bed frame. Opt for a small double providing an extra 15cm in width for extra furniture space. Think about legs and the headboard size on this bed don’t take up valuable wall space for a spacious effect go for a low styled headboard. 

Double 4ft6

A standard double would be a good idea for a master bedroom. This type of bed is the most common in the UK with shoppers. For best practice this beds for 2 sleepers make sure to buy the right mattress with pocket springs being correct for this instance. 

King size 5ft

There are many different sized beds on offer but not with a 200cm length. Opt for a king size grey ottoman bed for stylish effect that’s practical. Your going to be able to store a range of products inside the underbed compartment and make room in the rest of the home. Go with a deep design for best. Remember about wardrobes and other furnishings your going to have access this from the front on most designs. 

Super king Size 6ft

This size is best for large bedroom offerings. Statements are a must so consider scroll tops or fabric finishes. Choose a dark colour if the bedroom can take it. You can update this with new bed sheets and pillows in the future for style advantages. 

Check out the Better Bed Company Size Guide if you need more information on this. Were always here on 08000467616 or email to for help and advise today.