Grey Ottoman Beds

Grey Ottoman Beds For The Home


Spending time selecting the right furniture for your home is an excellent choice. Opt for a grey ottoman bed for a storage solution and style impacts in the bedroom. 

Offer a light colour for small spaces and a dark shade for large spacious rooms in the home. Choose with all different types of mattresses for comfort and supportive platform bases. 

There are many different types of grey ottoman beds to choose from fabric to wooden work out what’s best for your home. We have some suggestions that could make a real difference to the way your house is set up. 


Think about the upholstery of any bed you buy. With a grey fabric your bedrooms modern and effective. 

Offer with a pattern or contemporary button effect along with a sumptuously filled headboard this beds inviting. 

For effectiveness opt for fabric handles this doesn’t just look fashionable it’s provides easy access advantages to the buy. 


Select a wooden material for strength and low maintenance advantages. This materials robust for the long term supplying a certain style to the bedroom matching furniture effortlessly. 

Most ottoman beds have a wooden base to keep your products dust free and off the flooring. Ottoman beds are usually made with some type of wood partnered with a covering for style reasons. 


Place in the centre of the bedroom for a focal point a leather bed would present a statement in the bedroom. Opt for faux leather to keep the cost down and spend the money on a better mattress or more accessories. 


It’s always worth thinking about before running out to the shops, measure the bedroom and consider access and other bedroom before buying any grey ottoman bed. 

There’s sizes that can create space in the home choose a small double grey ottoman bed this could make room for an extra bedside table. 

For a spacious sleeping surface offer a super king size bed frame this would be perfect for master bedrooms. 

Check out the Better Bed Company Size Guide for more information on this. 

Side Lift 

A really important part of any room in the home is access. A side lift grey ottoman bed would be ideal for loft spaces where front access might cause issues. 

This style of bed might work well in small rooms when the length of the bed becomes a problem for access. 

Most ottoman beds come flat packed so delivery to the bedroom of choice shouldn’t be difficult it’s always best to consider this though. 


Consider cleaning underneath the grey ottoman bed frame dealing with Brands like Kaydian Beds brings advantages for this scenario. There ottoman beds come with pull out sections on the underbed section for hoovering and cleaning benefits. 

There’s some ideas for when your buying grey ottoman beds for your home. We also have a selection of mattresses to partner this style of bed for best practice buy at the same time. 

If you have any questions on grey beds call Better Bed Company on 08000467616 or email us at with a wealth of experience we have the advice for you.