Grey Ottoman Beds For Storage This Winter


This Autumn it’s all about Grey ottoman beds storage for the bedroom. It’s time to let this colour surround your other furniture for a modern themed space. You also get to de-clutter your home adding summer products in the below area saving extra area for more the Winter months. 

Go with upholstery or wooden both materials have there own advantages like warmth and low maintenance. You can provide other colours with the rest of the bedroom furniture like cream, oak and whites depending on your style vibe wants. 

Keep scrolling for the best grey ottoman beds!

Ottoman Beds Range

Light Grey Ottoman Beds

The first thing about light grey ottoman beds is there perfect for smaller bedrooms. If your wise your go for a small double if your struggling for space rather than a 4ft6 add more bedside tables and chest of drawers to the space. When it comes to matching bedding go white and add some pillows and memory foam mattress to complete the look!

GFW Regal Fabric Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Dark Grey Ottoman Beds 

When it comes to dark grey ottoman beds the smart moves upholstery this brings an inviting feel to the bedroom. Your going to struggle in smaller spaces so best to opt for this shade if the rooms larger than the average. Use white bedroom furniture and rugs to lighten the area up. Dress with beige throws and go with lighter duvet covers. 

Flintshire Furniture Whitford Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Double Grey Ottoman Beds

The most common size in the UK is the double grey ottoman bed ideal for all types of bedrooms. Store everything inside and remain stylish go for easy maintained wooden this leaves extra time for other activities. Add a 4ft6 pocket sprung mattress and a water-proof protector for comfort. 

Copenhagen Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company  

Grey Ottoman Beds Questions And Answers 

Can you buy grey super king size ottoman beds? 

Yes grey ottoman beds come in a large range of sizes from single up to super king size 180cm width x 200cm length. These are ideal as you gain lot’s of space in the below area for clothing and bedding to be stored. Make sure to add a super king size mattress to the base as this would provide the best sleeping surface. 

What materials are grey ottoman beds made from? 

There’s options in terms of materials there’s usually wood and metal these being the main components. With fabric upholstery 6ft storage solutions you would also gain a wooden frame underneath and the gas piston hinge is made from metal. There’s also painted ottoman beds these are also made from wood but this is the surface material, there’s also metal ottoman beds and ether fabric or wooden bases to keep your products dust-free and off the floor. 

Does an ottoman bed have storage?  

Yes the size depends on the depth of the below space and the height of the mattress base support. The space in width is just short of a mattress breadth as you need to take the side rails into account. You would lift the base usually using fabric handles to enter the below space add your products then lift back down. Place products like clothing and bedding to create more space in the home.