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Grey Ottoman Bed Dimensions


There’s so many designs and ranges to consider when it comes to a grey ottoman bed. Deciding on the measurement of this buy will effect the whole bedroom get this right and your in for advantages. 

Choose brands that offer tall heights for storage this would be effective for storing your bedding and accessories. It’s hard to get this correct in terms of styling in the room high depth choices are becoming more and more popular on the market for shoppers these days. 

When searching for grey ottoman beds always measure the bedroom this is a requirement for best practice. Take some tips from Better Bed Company this would point you in the right direction. 

Large Base Grey Ottoman Bed 

Opt for a large storage base in an grey ottoman bed this would create more space for duvets, clothing and spare pillows. 

It’s always best to consider the depth of the mattress as this will effect accessing the sleeping surface. Check the metal frame and slatted offering this might effect the tension of mattress you would want to buy. 

Consider your bedside tables get this correct and placing your books or bed time creams will be effortless. 

To maximise storage space a high bed base would be the best option in the bedroom. 

6ft or Super King Size 

Your floor space would effect whether a super king size ottoman bed frame might work in your bedroom. 

For an option on any style think about an upholstery fabric bottom this would supply more depth to the storage compartment. A wooden frame might be best for cleaning so a 6ft manufactured in this way would bring low maintenance advantages to the buy. 

Which Bed Room? 

For a master a 5ft might work well this would supply enough space for 2 sleepers. With an extra 10cm in length compared to standard means it’s an excellent choice for taller sleepers or people who like to stretch out and get comfy. 

When it comes to children’s bedrooms your best with a single or small double for Teenagers. Opt for a easy lift system like a gas piston hinge design this will bring effortless access features to the bed frame. 


When choosing the headboard dimensions are everything. The height and width is a must to consider on the headboard think about pictures and shelving so as to not interfere with each other. 

With a scroll top or wing headboard your depth are going to play a major role in the dimensions of the grey ottoman bed. The length and width might change considerably. 


Delivering your new bed might need preparation on your part. Measure door ways leading to the room of choice and hall way stair cases might also cause issues. 

Most ottoman beds come in flat pack form this presents advantages when taking to the bedroom. Check with the supplier do the delivery team take the ottoman bed to the bedroom of choice? 

We have the Better Bed Company Size Guide for even more information on this. If you have any questions were always here on 08000467616 or email us to for experienced advice.