Grey Ottoman Beds How To Store And Style Your Bedroom


Judging by insta walls and Facebook pages grey ottoman beds are the bedrooms must-have for storage and style this year. It’s time for you to invest in this type of furniture for the house. 

Give your new pocket spring and memory foam mattress a partner. Whether your on the hunt for a faux leather or love the modern fabric upholstery theme, we’ve got you covered. 

It’s time to ditch that oak frame or black metal bedstead, it’s time to treat your self to a fresh storage solution after all your home comforts are what’s most important.

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LPD Furniture Oxford Grey Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Better Side Opening Grey Linen Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Stylish Grey Ottoman Beds For 2022

Invest in your self with stylish grey ottoman beds in the new year. Lay a new roll up mattress on the base and add some white bedding and 2 black bedside tables with chest of drawers to complete the look!

Hackenthorpe Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Kaydian Appleby Slate Ottoman Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

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Double Grey Ottoman Beds 

Opt for double grey ottoman beds when moving into a new home. Go for light shades to make the room look bigger. Add a Black bedroom furniture set and a mattress topper with pillows and cream bedding for the ultimate finish. 

Better Peterborough Silver Grey Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Questions and Answers on Grey Ottoman Beds

What is an Grey Ottoman Bed Frame?

A grey ottoman bed is a furniture product that’s used in the bedroom all you need is a new pocket sprung mattress and you have a sleeping surface. The colour is grey and can come in different materials like fabric upholstery, metal and wood to name a few. You can buy grey ottoman bed frames in different sizes like double 4ft6 135cm x 190cm and a bigger king size 5ft 150cm x 200cm.

Ottoman bed frames are slightly different than a normal bed this is due to the storage underneath the sleeping base. You can open this section by pulling the mattress and top up usually using a handle. If your buying a quality grey ottoman bed frame this section should have a gas piston hinge attached this opens the compartment. There’s plenty of products you can store inside for best practice add items your not going to use on a daily basis like bedding and pillows this creates more space in the rest of the bedroom. 

Grey ottoman bed frames can come in different styles like different styled headboards and low or high foot ends. You can also find that the colours are different light and dark shades and also patterned grey designs. There’s also different heights this would be the sleeping surface, headboard and foot ends remember to choose wisely for when your getting into bed, think about other furniture like bedside tables and what type of style your searching for large headboards are going to make statements smaller are going to bring a more simplistic finish. 

Are single grey ottoman beds any good?

A single grey ottoman bed would be the perfect choice for your guest bedroom. This would provide qualities such as storage and neutral advantages. You can buy grey single ottoman beds in different styles and designs choose from materials such as fabric and wood. Grey wooden single beds would be easy to clean and maintain this is ideal for spare bedrooms. Grey single ottoman beds usually come with a slatted base this is perfect for ventilating the mattress meaning you won’t have replace this all the time and if not used the fillings will remain ventilated. Single beds also create more space for other bedroom furniture like bedside tables and wardrobes. You could store lot’s of products inside and also provide space for your visitors suitcases and clothing see your social circles increase. 

Can you buy double grey ottoman bed frames online?

Yes there’s plenty of sites to choose from Better Bed Company being one. Check review sites and social media this will indicate if the webstore is any good. You also want to buy from a reputable brand this will give a guarantee on your purchase most of the time this is year. There’s lots of choices like wooden beds, fabric ottoman beds and painted to name a few designs. Make sure to measure your bedroom before any final choice is made the measurement would 135cm x 190cm also check you can open doors on wardrobes and other bedroom furniture products. If you buy a side lift make sure you can access from the front and if your buying a front lift check there’s enough area at the top of the bed to use properly.