Grey Beds The Style Guide


Wanna add some style to the bedroom discover grey beds for every modern home. The new house has to have light and dark colours take advantage of natural shades allowing for matching with other bedroom furniture sets. Luckily we have ottomans, metal frames and storage drawers that may take your fancy. It’s not just about working with other products this buy could bring benefits to the rest of the house. 

A fabric upholstery bedstead could work with fresh bedside and oak chest of drawers. Go for small double if you can’t make a standard fit in and add 4ft memory foam mattress to complete for a sleeping surface. 

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Grey Beds In Bedrooms

Watson Side Lift Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Colours To Go With Grey Beds 

Styling grey beds can be tricky at first, but it’s pretty simple. If your buying for small spaces go for light colours like white and cream larger bedrooms can take blacks and charcoals. Creating traditional homes is all about woods like oak or pine this provides textures and tones. 

Furniture Picks For Grey Beds

Wanna be stylish? go with wardrobes and side boards there also going to create storage space. For children’s bedrooms your going to need desks and book cases to encourage learning and order. 

Julian Bowen Maine Bookcase Bed-Better Bed Company

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Questions And Answers On Grey Beds Styles  

What Colours go in a grey bedroom?

Grey colour matches should be light shades like cream and yellows or beige all provide neutral qualities. You want to make the room feel warm and modern, go for patterns on wall paper and headboards. Buying a grey fabric ottoman bed would be the perfect suiter this also provides storage and would mean the base is shown off more so your gaining more greys for the central point in the bedroom. 

Should i buy a single grey bed for my spare bedroom? 

Your guest bedroom would be the perfect choice for grey beds. There effective for long term advantages and easy to maintain. The grey colour is inviting and would work in modern bedrooms there perfect for visitors. There easy to style with all types of furniture like bedside tables and wardrobes and you could add storage ottomans for your friends belongings. Go for painted wooden beds these are going to be hard wearing with a robust nature to the wood. Add pocket spring mattresses to the bed this is going to last longer than a standard open coil. You should think about temperature control for your guests go for natural fillings these are perfect for in the winter and summer months. 

Would a grey bed work in my childrens bedroom? 

Yes grey beds would be the perfect choice for your girls and boys bedrooms. Childrens bedrooms could be suitable for single beds, high sleepers and bunk beds all being ideal suiters for the grey colour scheme. You may want to go for a dark grey if the rooms big enough as this would be better to clean and take care of over the years. You could add white bedroom furniture sets to the bedroom if it’s small and lighter wall paper and mirrors. Grey oak beds might be best for matching this would bring textures and provide tones to the kids bedroom. 

Would white bedside tables style with grey beds?

Yes white bedside tables are effective when matching with grey beds partnering for style values. Light colours work well together and white and grey are perfect. Make sure when buying the bedside tables that the top is at the same height as the mattress top this will make things easy when accessing from your grey bed. Also measure the bedroom and if your struggling for space you could go for a non standard size either small single or small double this would provide even more space in the bedroom for more furniture sets.