Grey Beds For A Modern Bedroom This Winter


Believe it or not Grey beds are the must-have for modern bedrooms this winter season. If you wanna style your home there’s no better way than with this furniture product just add a pocket spring and memory foam mattress to partner up for comfortable advantages. This colours going to work with whites and blacks ideal for matching with creams and wooden textures. 

There’s different designs where a grey bed is concerned like ottoman storage solutions and long lasting metal frames we’ve rounded up so top picks for you to browse. Keep scrolling to see what’s trending now online. 

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Opt for simple designs for a stylish effect. Buying for guest rooms? go for storage ottomans this is going to provide space in the rest of the home and give more area for bedroom furniture sets. 

Grey Beds Top Picks 

Better Grey Linen Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Better Grey Linen Ottoman Bed

Kaydian Whitburn Spirit Silver Ottoman Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kaydian Whitburn Spirit Silver Ottoman Bed Frame

Swanglen Fabric Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Grey Ottoman Beds Must-Haves

Your homes going to far better off with grey ottoman beds that’s for sure. There a must-have edition for a modern house providing style and storage. Add some black bedside tables and a new roll up mattress with protector team with 2 + 1 wardrobes and matching dressing tables to keep things beautiful. 

Julian Bowen Astrid Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Julian Bowen Astrid Fabric Bed 

Double Grey Beds Trending 

Want double grey beds for your master bedroom? go with light shades and upholstery fabric for a modern theme. Add a memory foam topper, large chest of drawers and white desks and book cases for finishing accessories. 

Better Peterborough Light Grey Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Better Peterborough Light Grey Ottoman Bed

Questions and Answers on Grey Beds 

Are grey beds any good for guest bedrooms?

You can buy grey beds for all types of rooms like guest bedrooms, masters and spare rooms. They come in a large range of sizes like small single, double and super king size. Go for a non standard small double to make more space for other bedroom furniture like bedside tables and chest of drawers. All you need to do is add the same size mattress as the grey bed frame. Go for light grey in smaller bedrooms and add mirrors and lighter wall paper this will bring a sense of space in the room. 

Can you buy grey beds with drawers? 

There’s plenty of options when it comes to drawers for storing a large range of products. You can buy grey ottoman beds this will provide the full underbed compartment to store all your accessories. There divan beds with storage drawers like 2 draws, 4 draws and 2 + 2 this is when you have bedside tables so there half the size on the back split base section. you can also get front drawers make sure to check you have a enough room at the front of the grey bed to access. On grey bed frames you sometimes get storage space underneath this would depend on the leg height. 

What are the best colours to go with grey beds in the bedroom? 

There’s lots of different colours that work well in terms of styling grey beds this is the advantage of buying a neutral shade. Go with cream, white, yellow and beige these are all modern colours that would work effectively. try white bedside tables and yellow or mustard coloured wall paper. Go for patterns this would give you more chance of match and would be suitable for modern bedrooms.