Grey Beds And Best Colours To Style The Bedroom


Your bedroom needs a make over and what better way to start than with new grey beds for modern and fresh advantages. Where here to help style in the bedroom with other bedroom furniture sets ideas. Create working partners white bedside tables and oak wardrobes and chest of drawers could feature. 

Whether you searching for wooden ottoman beds or single frames the size of the space is gonna come into play. Larger spaces can take dark shades smaller your going to want lighter matches. Yellow storage benches might do the trick or you could go contemporary teal green if your buying for future ticks. 

Discover fabric upholstery bedsteads and add memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses for a comfy outcome. Keep scrolling for more ideas below. 

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If you didn’t know grey beds come in all shapes and sizes depending on your chosen style this would effect what colours are going to match and work well in the bedroom. For instance a dark grey single bed in large bedroom could be best suited to pink or mustard where as light may be best with blue and red. check these out. 

Grey Double Beds  

A double grey bed is always a safe option. Your always going to be modern it’s time to think about other furniture mixes and matches. Go for a 2 + 4 oak chest of drawer team with a pink storage ottoman at the top providing easy access to your accessories add roll up mattress and blue duvet covers for a fresh theme. 

Better Stellar Storm Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Grey Beds With Storage 

If you wanna give your bedroom extra space choose grey beds with storage creating more room for extra furniture. Most of our frames come with drawers or ottoman bases this is a must for your accessories like pillows and bedding. Add a king size mattress and protector and some black wardrobes and desks with book shelves for work stations. 

Niece Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

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Grey Bunk Beds For Childrens Bedrooms 

Children’s bedroom should be filled with modern colours so grey bunk beds could be the ideal suiter. Team with blue storage ottomans and pink dressing tables add white bedside tables and low profile memory foam mattresses with low tog duvets and protectors to keep things clean and comfy. 

Julian Bowen Orion Bunk Bed Grey Oak-Better Bed Company

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Grey Single Beds For Small Bedrooms 

Help your bedrooms space with grey single beds ideal for small bedrooms, still stylish but just smaller. 3ft metal frames are long term buys add some drawers for extra storage and a large headboard for impressions. Team with next day roll up mattresses with springs and pillows and toppers for more height. Add a yellow rug and teal green covers for fresh vibes. 

Better Peterborough Dark Grey Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

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Questions And Answers On Grey Beds 

Are grey double beds any good for guest bedrooms?

For a modern themed bedroom grey double beds are the perfect choice and great for guest bedrooms. There effortless to match and create a welcoming and inviting scheme to the spare bedroom. Go for fabric frames or 4ft6 ottoman storage solutions this will bring extra room for your visitors belongings. Add white bedside tables and comfortable memory foam and pocket spring mattresses. You want warm colours for your friends and family this brings safe vibes and work well with other shades. Go for effortless maintenance wooden products mean there’s less cleaning to be done and don’t forget the protectors this would make things more hygienic for guests. 

What size bedside tables work well with grey beds?   

This would depend on the size of the grey bed every situation is different. You can however check the height of the mattress lay you would want your bedside table to be the same for easy access from the bed when your waking or before bedtime. Think about opening drawers a 2 + 2 continental grey bed base might work well with bedside tables this will allow you to open the draws on the bed base. Think about your garments and accessories and there size. Do you want to store socks and underwear? how many pairs do you have? have you got lots of jewellery? what are you going to place on top of the bedside tables have you got lamps, pictures or ornaments these will play a part on the size as well as the colour. You may have to give a little on the colour and reach an agreement if the size is right but the colours too light or dark. 

Are grey bunk beds good for kids bedrooms?

Opt for grey bunk beds this will provide a neutral colour and keep your kids modern and cool. You can always add some white bedding and pillows to the bunk this will create more of a light presence. Grey bunks are good for maintaining you can just wipe them down at the end of the day if there wooden framed. Metal grey bunks are going to last long and also wood has long lasting advantages. Make sure to add low profile mattresses to the top bunk check the height of the side rail this will keep your boys and girls safe while there up there sleeping.