Girls Bedroom Buys For The Winter


Summer is coming to a close now it’s time to invest in your winter home. It’s time to look at what’s going on the Autumn online sales and we’ve got some Girls bedroom furniture buys to keep you house trendy this season. 

November is just round the corner so you want to transform your princesses room for Bonfire night. We’ve highlighted some wardrobes and bunk beds that would keep your girl in fashion. From casual moments with friends to comfortable occasions when a supportive mattress is a need. Discover our top picks for the precious little one who wants sweet dreams this season. 

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Autumn Trends For Girls 

Take a look at some of our best hits this could be right up your street for the girls during the winter months. 

Girls Bunk Beds  

With girls bunk beds your going to save space and keep those chick cool. During the summer and winter your main colours would be grey and white these are neutral and stylish add pink bed sheets for a feminine theme. Invest in some wooden book cases and desk keep them learning in order from the house. 

Julian Bowen Barcelona Bunk Bed White-Better Bed Company

Wardrobes For Girls 

Try going for a light colour when searching for your girls wardrobe edition, this is going to work in the winter or summer months. Go 2 tone for better matching or oak for textures and tones. You could go big or small depending on the space with high sleepers or triple bunks more is less on occasions.

White And Oak Kids Wardrobe-Better Bed Company

Memory Foam Mattresses For Girls 

The obsession with keeping your kids comfortable hasn’t gone away. Add a low profile memory foam mattress to there girls bed frame for easy access. If your looking to upgrade your children’s bedroom don’t forget the accessories add protectors and pillows this saves money and adds comfort it’s a no brainer. 

Girls Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Girls Bedside Tables 

The girls bedside tables are trending this Autumn with natural colours like oak and pine right up there. Incorporating these into the rest of the bedroom furniture theme is effortless go for a mix and match style. Team up with upholstered fabric ottoman storage bed in pink or gaming bed to keep things fun. 

Julian Bowen Jupiter 2 Draw Bed Side Table Grey Oak-Better Bed Company

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