Get ready for the new EAFC 24 Game with our Gaming Kids Beds!


Get ready for the new EAFC 24 Game with our Gaming Kids Beds!


Are your kids ready for the new EAFC 24 game this September? Turn your bed into a gaming paradise with our Julian Bowen Gaming Kids Beds.

At Better Bed Company, we provide a wide range of kids beds available for you to choose from!

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about our gaming kids beds so your kids can create their ultimate team in their ultimate bed!

Gaming Kids Beds at Better Bed Company

Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed – Black/Red

Introducing the impressive and highly practical Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed in bold black and striking red, designed to revolutionise the way children experience their bedrooms.

This exceptional piece of furniture combines style and functionality, serving as a multi-purpose bunk bed that will become an instant focal point in any kid’s room.

Crafted with a trendy and modern design, this gaming bunk bed is a game-changer for kids of all ages. Its chic and contemporary colour palette blends perfectly with any other furniture in the room, creating a stylish and cohesive setting for your children to enjoy.

The Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed is ingeniously built with ample storage space, including drawers and shelving, providing an impressive amount of room for all types of belongings.

Additionally, it features a dedicated clothes rail, perfect for organising clothes and keeping them wrinkle-free.

The bed’s integrated desk provides ample room for setting up a computer and all your gaming gear, while its handy drawers are perfect for accessories.

For a truly immersive gaming experience, the Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed boasts of a sturdy platform that can hold a TV above the desk, guaranteeing an optimal gaming experience.

The shelving and drawers make storing multimedia accessories and other important items easy, while the bed’s ample space makes it an excellent option for both girls and boys.

Safety is also a top priority with the Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed, as it has a secure guard rail, a robust ladder, and curved corners.

Its durable design ensures that your little ones can safely enjoy the bed for years to come.

Moreover, the slatted base permits the use of different types of mattresses, providing extra comfort and ventilation for your child’s sound sleep.

Whether you have an expansive or compact bedroom, the Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed is a game-changer, taking up minimal space and providing ample storage for all your child’s needs.

Before buying, check the height and dimension requirements for the best results. Experience the best of style, quality, and functionality—the ultimate bed for your little one! Don’t miss out – order yours today!

Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed – White

The Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bed – White is the ultimate solution for parents looking to enhance their children’s bedroom experience.

Designed with plenty of storage space, this bed will keep your child’s room organised and tidy. It features shelving, drawer and clothes rail compartments, offering ample storage space to store clothes, books, toys and other items.

This bed also saves space in smaller rooms, making it a practical choice for homes with limited space.

The desk is spacious and specially designed to accommodate gaming materials so your child can enjoy gaming comfortably throughout the day and evening.

Julian Bowen Impact Gaming Kids Bedcurved sides and edges of this bed make it a safe option for your child’s bedroom, eliminating the risk of injury from sharp edges and corners.

The ladder features cut-out handles that offer superior grip, making it easy for your child to climb to the top bunk effortlessly.

The slatted bed base provides optimum support and ventilation, ensuring that your child is comfortable throughout their sleep. Furthermore, the bed has a guard rail to ensure your child doesn’t fall out while sleeping.

This bed is flat-packed, making it easy to handle on the day of delivery. The assembly process is minimal, and the bed will be up and ready quickly.

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