The Ultimate Gaming Bed For Children, There Also For Learning Too


Summer here and it’s time to give your children’s bedroom a makeover and what a way to start with an ultimate gaming bed it’s all about coming out of lock down with a smile. Discover what this type of buy could bring to you and your girls and boys with desks, shelving and yeah a quality sleeping surface. Your kids shouldn’t have to compromise on a place to learn and sleep this purchase makes sense in so many ways. 

Whether your on the hunt for a new bunk or high sleeper or something inbetween, we got you. Gone are the days of having to go for standard metal bed frame or something your girls and boys just don’t like. It’s time to add some fun to there bedroom this isn’t just for the park or playground now the homes the place to be.

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Best Bed Gaming Station 

It’s time to get your children’s bedroom sorted this summer invest the time now for future success. Available in a range of colours like white, grey oak and anthracite.

White Gaming Beds 

This gaming bed is modern and easily matched with other kids bedroom furniture. Team with desks, single memory foam mattresses, computer chairs and black book cases for a summer hit. 

White Gaming Bed-Better Bed Company

Mid Sleeper Gaming Bed  

Mid sleepers a trending this year and that’s no different when it comes to gaming beds for children and Teenagers rooms. This oak computer bed comes with shelving and in a neutral colour so it’s easy to style. Team with a low profile mattress and a shaggy pile rug for the centre of the bedroom. 

Oak Gaming Bed-Better Bed Company

Teenage Gaming Bed

A Teenage gaming bed is perfect for learning and style your kids going to be fashionable and smart. If it’s a rainy day all there friends will be round forget the cinema and football the bedrooms the place to be. 

Teenager Gaming Bed-Better Bed Company  

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Head back soon for all your gaming beds desires. We got so much more for you at Better Bed Company coming soon !