A sit down with our customer


A sit down with our customer

We wanted to give you an in site into how how our customers feel about the service we provide. The goal here is to share experiences from customers giving there feed back. 

In order to support the buyer providing them with real potential in guidance, no misconceptions are present. Better Bed Company are releasing the UK customer upon you. 

Today is all about bringing the excellent independent judge. 

Elise Cook


The mummy blogger from Britain with Luna Poppy & Mila Nova her two girls. 

The Instagram lover, Facebook socialite, Pinterest-holic gives us a run down on the challenges she faced. The service good and bad, complications in the delivery and handling of the bed and mattress. Would she do anything different in high site ? the website highs and lows did she navigate her way through remembering her two girls were by her side the whole way through. Relationships she formed during driving through the content. 

What she learned and gained during her time on the site. Her friends and family and weather they have celebrated inn her trials. Built for the reader this is going to be the interview with ups and tribulations of the mummy.  

How did you find the website ?

Grey Fabric Bed

With my girls i need strength, power and long fuse it’s all about patience. The Better Bed Company store was profoundly the complete opposite. Selecting the firm was an easy choice knowing to match my needs no complications were needed. 

From the home page selection to the cart it was clear and present id found the best to cater to my needs. The selection process knowing i wanted grey in my bedroom with a fabric feel was easy. Navigating through my matching preferences a few beds caught my eye. 

From the day a set my eyes on this firm i knew it was heaven sent. The driving force were my two little cherubs constantly by my side. The commute to this store makes the whole deal worth while. It makes much more sense for a mum of two rather than having to spend a frustrating Saturday round the local mall. 

What have you learnt ? 

A bed buy is never one sided it’s about gaining help and advice and support from everyone around you. 

The comforting aspect didn’t just come from the Bed it was the brand them selves. This go’s to show the importance of customer care and expertise in the field you represent. 

How did the delivery go ?

That morning was very stress full with the kids. I can remember pops was feeling sick. We got the bedroom ready even though the stress was about to boil over. 

There was a knock at the door with two smiling faces these gentlemen were here to help. I showed them to the bedroom offered them a cup of coffee with a pleasing smile. 

In no time at all the fabric bed was up with the pillows and duvets set out. Wow was my thought of day from then on. Going around the neighbour hood congratulating Better Bed Company on there performance. 

Final Thought !

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Better Bed Company. We have formed an unbreakable bond for years to come.