Top Double Ottoman Bed Picks For The Summer


Summer is here we got a double ottoman bed that’s going to define your bedrooms style. Whether your buying for a main room or that spare that needs some uplift in the fashion department we got you. Save your pocket it’s not all about that holiday or beer garden your homes important too. 

From fabric to leather bedsteads make summer 2021 a time to remember. Fill the memories with colours and textures and easy to maintain buys. Take a look at some of our favourites online now. 

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Summer Lift Up Beds 

Double Fabric Ottoman Bed 

This type of furniture brings more than a sleeping surface a double fabric ottoman bed adds storage space along with style to the home. The colours like light grey or white will bring character and could be the focal point of the room. Add a 2 + 3 white sideboard and team up with a 4ft6 memory foam mattress for comfort values. 

Grey Double Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Pink Double Ottoman Bed 

This ones for the girls with a pink double ottoman bed your summer will never be the same again. It gives ultimate female vibes and has the cuteness you’ve been searching for online. Team up with the oak dressing table with draws and a large fluffy pilled red rug for added textures and colours to the bedroom. 

Pink Double Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Wooden Double Ottoman Bed 

Add some textures and tones to the bedroom with a wooden double ottoman bed for a modern theme. Make it even more fashionable with a grey colour and shaker headboard for a statement buy in the bedroom. Make it low or high foot end depending on how tall you are and the space in the area. 

Wooden Double Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

Cheap Double Ottoman Bed 

Saving money has never been easier with online buys and a cheap ottoman bed is no different. Whether it be in the same basket as child’s high sleeper or with a 2 door white wardrobe your still keeping your coins in your pocket which is great. Go with brands like Julian Bowen or GFW Furniture there low cost but quality with at least a 1 year guarantee for size. 

Cheap Double Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

We want to keep you in style every season that’s what Better Bed Company are about. Check back soon for more hints and tips for home furnishings.