Does Your Bed Suit Your Furniture


We sometime buy bedroom furniture and beds at different times. This depends on what money we have and what needs replacing. Sometimes we just like something we see and that’s called an impulsive buy. We don’t really think about the consequences of the impact the purchase will make on our lives. These are the best and worst acquired items. 

Bedroom Decore Styles

Bedroom Decore-Better Bed Company

When we look at the styles of bedrooms we want the materials used will most of the time define this. If you buy oak furniture then your bedroom will have a wooden effect to it. You might want to mix it up if you buy an oak furniture then you might want to add a fabric bed frame to the bedroom. Some times we could buy oak bed side tables and then add two tone to the rest of the furniture. Two tones gives you the best of both worlds contrast of two colours. 

Leather Or Fabric Beds

Female Wearing A Leather And A Fabric Coat-Better Bed Company

We know its leather is still a fabric by default but you know what we mean. If you went with a leather bed then there is a choice of different colours you could go for. With white, brown or black being the most common this means you could may be go for a faux leather bed side table. The rest of the furniture could be a pine finish or a laminated effect as this is quite modern thinking. With a fabric bed then this really leaves your options open to any style furniture you would probably want to stick with neutral colours but if you don’t then maybe just buy an item at a time and live with it for a while to see if you can live with it. 

Bedroom Furniture That Matches 

Decore Magazine-Better Bed Company

With different ranges available it’s a possibility that you are drawn into images with the bedroom set out already. We all love looking in magazines and on instagram and wishing we had that bedroom. Companies make the best efforts to entice you in with there bedroom sets. This is another opportunity you have to add as you go along. 

Cheap Bedroom furniture

Better Lancashire Bedroom Furniture Set-Better Bed Company

If your on a budget then whats the best place to spend your money ? I would always say the bed as this is the place that will effect you most. The mattress and bed will result in a better life style if you get it right. If you want a healthy life style then the correct bed and mattress will help you achieve this. 

The bedroom furniture style can be achieved on a budget these days after all you don’t necessarily have spend a great deal. You could make a few purchases in stages then replace them when you want a change of scenery. 

Better Bed Company have a selection of bedroom furniture that is designed with cost in mind. Its a selection of a wardrobe, bed side table and chest of draws. You get a stylish looking bedroom for a fraction of the price. We have worked in the industry for 3 decades so we know a good purchase when we see it and we want to pass this onto you. 


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