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Tips For When Buying Double Divan Beds


Being prepared should be a priority when buying any furnishing in the home, double divan beds are no different. 

Better Bed Company have selecting some points to consider before making the purchase of the 4ft6 bed frame for best practice. 

Many of us look at style to be the most important fact when it comes to bedroom furniture other opt for long lasting advantages. 

There are many reasons why one design is better than the other consider drawer options and storage space inside the bed base. Opt for castors instead of glides if cleaning and maintaining is of importance. The double headboard you already own might compliment a grey platform offering with a velvet material your fashionable. 

The cost of the divan base might effect your decision a linen fabric upholstery might be a cheap option allowing more budget for the double mattress you’ve had your eye on. 

Here’s some tips to help you decide on the best divan bed for your bedroom. 

Grey Divan Bed

Consider a grey divan bed this would be appealing to a modern themed bedroom. For effortless maintenance choose leather or for inviting schemes provide fabric upholstery. 

For example this colour would be effective in a contemporary guest bedroom offer drawers for your guests accessories. 

Getting the colour scheme right in the bedroom means the space working together. Choose a focal point with a wall painted in vibrant colour for a fashionable statement. Remember large windows or lighting can effect the whole out come when it comes to colours. 

Think about flooring a oak wooden floor would have a different out come than a black carpet in terms of matching the colour of the divan bed base. 


The size of any double bed would effect the setting of the bedroom. 

One of the best ways to prepare for this is measure the space you have and consider access to drawers and bedroom furniture. 

The height, width and length of double divan beds can be different from brand to brand. Choose the headboard for the divan bed with the length in mind as with a scroll top or heavily padded design your base will be off set from the wall and intrude in to the bedroom. 

A standard size is 135cm in width and 190cm for the length heights will be individual when dealing with different firms. 


buying Double divan beds with storage can de-clutter the bedroom and create space in the home. There’s different options to choose from like 2, 4 or continental all supplying there own benefits. 

Consider your bedside tables and other bedroom furniture access to the drawers should be a factor in your decision when it comes to drawer design offerings. 


Making sure the divan beds make the journey to the room of choice it’s important to consider door ways and hall way measurements. If your concerned about the access to the bedroom fo choice for best practice contact the supplier. You might be best with a flat packed bed frame if the house has tight corners or a steep staircase. 

A double divan bed base is already built up with the wooden carcass and fabric covering already in place. The castors will need to be added when in situation and the headboard attached in the bedroom. 

If you have any questions Better Bed Company are always here to help. Contact us via phone – 08000467616 or email to 08000467616 were here with expert advice.