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Divan Beds With Drawers For Storage


Your bedroom should be workable. Opt to de-clutter the room with storage solutions for practical advantages. Offer a divan bed with drawers and change the way you store your accessories. Present an inviting theme to the space with different design for modern or traditional themes. 

Better Bed Company have some styles to consider when it comes to divan beds with storage drawers. 

4 Drawers 

Before you even think about buying a new bed for the house, your going to want to think about access and consider other furniture. Plan the bedroom out opting for 4 draw divan beds might sound like the perfect idea but do you have bedside tables to contend with? 

If your buying a single 3ft which is 90cm x 190cm your only going to be offered 2 drawers. Most brands and suppliers only make divan beds with 4 drawers options in a small double and above. This is the same for the Better Bed Company divan beds range.

Super King Size 

If you have length and width to the bedroom the perfect offer would be a super king size divan bed for spacious advantages. The divan bed base should be 180cm x 200cm to partner the 6ft mattress this is important for a healthy sleeping surface. 

Believe it or not this is the biggest size for a standard bed in the UK, it’s always good to measure the bedroom and journey to the bedroom like door ways and hallways before buying any large bed for best practice. 

Grey Divan Beds 

Another thing you need to focus on is the colour scheme. Opt for grey divan beds for a modern themed bedroom. If you have contemporary bedroom furniture this would suit the area well. 

You need to try and compliment other products in the space so there all working in tandem. Offer a storage ottoman at the foot end of the bed to offer more space for your accessories. 


Now your ready and you’ve found the double divan bed of your dreams get the budget right and your almost home. Consider UK sales and check for free delivery offers and take advantage. 

Does the online website offer discount codes for NHS or Students this could be key to getting a cheap divan bed. Can you save on the budget with a cheap 4ft6 mattress or choose a low prices headboard.  

Divan Bed Base 

Another thing you can do is buy a divan bed base for a storage solution. Forget the headboard just place a mattress on the platform and you have a bed fit for any bedroom. 

Create the theme with the bedding choose white duvet covers and pillow cases. Opt for a bed throw to the complete the look! 

We deal with brands for this type of bed like Bedmaster and Vogue beds to offer peace of mind for the buy. Our partners are experts in the bed and mattress industry with 1 year guarantees as a standard on any product. 

Better Bed Company are always on hand to offer advice to the shopper if you have any questions call – 08000467616 or email customercare@betterbedcompany.uk for experienced knowledge.